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An online David paper.

We’re They’re calling it the Daily McDreamy.

“I have decided to write a daily update on how I manage my money day to day, what I watch, who I listen to and how, after absorbing all this, I act. The note is for your information as a supporter who has been reading my writing for years. It is not advice; rather it explains my thought process.
The reason I spend time thinking about how money works, is not to be a rich person but to be a sovereign and independent individual who can look after himself and his family. For me, this is very important and, as traditional employment and traditional pension schemes become more and more unreliable, I believe all of us have to rely on ourselves that bit more.
Relying on yourself, means taking time to figure stuff out for yourself rather than leaving it to so-called experts.
The daily note called Global Macro 360° will be a morning newsletter published before lunch, detailing what is going on every day in the global economy and where there may be opportunities….Should you decide to subscribe, you will get the first weeks’ subscriptions free and you can see what you think of it. Thereafter, the note, the information and all the ideas will set you back less than the price of three pints a week…”

David McWilliams, In an email to his website subscribers.

Sounds equitable.


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