We’re tay people ourselves.


Via the very annoyed, in fairness Restaurants Association of Ireland:

“The Restaurants Association of Ireland today called for an end to the distribution of free coffees from Ulster Bank to promote their consumer mortgages. The message communicated by Ulster Bank is very much one of anti-hospitality industry, completely going against their ethos to “help for what matters”. As an institution that has always represented itself as the prime consumer and small business lender, Ulster Bank is showing little or no support for small hospitality businesses through this tragic PR stunt.

Speaking on the PR nightmare, Chief Executive of the Restaurants Association Adrian Cummins said, “For every cup of coffee Ulster Bank continues to give out free of charge, struggling cafes and restaurant owners are deprived of their daily morning/afternoon income. These people are struggling to fulfil bank payments, and instead of supporting local business, Ulster Bank have effectively employed an independent marketing company to do the exact opposite.”


Restaurants Association of Ireland call for an end to anti-hospitality industry stunt from Ulster Bank (RAI)

Thanks DD

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