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This afternoon.

Further to the decision by NatWest, the parent of Ulster Bank, to exit the Irish market…

…Minister for Public Expenditure and Reform Michael McGrath has said customers ‘should not panic’, adding:

“The immediate priorities now are to ensure the staff are treated fairly and that the interests of their customers are protected.

“I welcome the fact that other Irish banks [AIB and TSB Permanant] are seriously examining the possibility of purchasing loan portfolios and other products from Ulster Bank. It is encouraging that the emphasis is being placed on engaging with institutions who can provide customers with full banking services in the Irish market.”

He added that Ulster Bank customers with tracker mortgage should be particularly careful when considering moving to another bank, as this could impact the terms they are entitled to.



‘Sad day’ for Ulster Bank staff and Irish bank industry – Donohoe (RTÉ)


What about rents, anyone?


Coronavirus: Italy suspends mortgage payments amid lockdown (Independent.co.uk)



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This morning.

Ulster Bank tweetz:

We’re experiencing delays applying credits to some customers’ accounts, which we’re working to fix urgently.

Sorry if this is causing you problems.

We’ll post an update once we have more information. If you need help, send us a private message or message us securely in our app….


Thousands of Ulster Bank customers miss out on payday wages due to ‘transfer hitch’ (Independent.ie)

Ulster Bank is to sell 5,200 non-performing mortgages to affiliates of so-called vulture fund Cerberus for €1.4 billion.

The portfolio of loans includes around 2,300 mortgages relating to private homes and around 2,900 mortgages covering buy-to-let properties.

Good times

Ulster Bank to sell non-performing loans worth €1.4bn to Cerberus (RTÉ)

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23/6/2012. Ulster Banking Crisis

Ulster Bank to sell off 900 distressed home loans as part of bigger €2.5 billion portfolio (RTÉ)



“It should also be stressed in the interests of candour that there is seemingly an ideological preference amongst much of the judiciary to uphold the practices of banks and vulture funds, in a misplaced belief that this is necessary in a functioning market or ethically preferable to avoid moral hazard.

“Such viewpoints betray scant understanding of the plight that ordinary people find themselves in and flow from a class-driven lack of empathy.”

Barrister David Langwallner and the housing crisis

Taking Housing From Scandal To Right (Village Magazine)

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..But not too much.

A recent Ulster Bank Rugby survey revealed:

Some of you think England are the next best side in the 6 Nations Championship after Ireland.

Some of you would even like to see England’s Mike Brown in green.

Alan Quinlan, commenting on the Ulster Bank rugby survey said:

Once again the Ulster Bank Rugby Survey has thrown up some very interesting results from fans across the country. Most interestingly for me is our backing of England in this year’s World Cup but no doubt that will be forgotten during this weekend’s contest


Full Survey: Ulster Bank Rugby