‘Irish Women Are Going A Bit Nuts At The Moment’



In the fourth series of The Savage Eye, David McSavage has created a female character, called Emer – an angry, career-driven woman.

In an interview with Kate Holmquist, of the Irish Times, he sez::

“Women in this country were suppressed for generations, so only recently have they had a voice, so, like anything that is kept bottled for generations, it all goes a bit mad. You have women going a bit nuts at the moment, which is fine.”

“If I were a woman I’d be very f***ing angry, because men in this country are so emotionally retarded.”

“Feminism tries to take on, but will never fully take on because women are so competitive against themselves, they’re not united. There’s a sort of divide-and- conquer thing among women, and when women do hang out they have all kinds of issues, whether it’s around weight, whether they’re trying to drag each other down, there’s a sort of subliminal war that goes on between certain types of women.”


David McSavage: ‘If I were a woman I’d be very f***ing angry’ (Irish Times)

Pic: Click Online