On The Subject Of Institutional Sexism…



[Freemen from top Gay Byrne (1990 Jack Charlton (1994) and Bob Geldof (2006)]

The Freedom of the City of Dublin.

Few (ladies) are chosen.

Henry & Clover write:

“If my cursory glance of the list [of 76 those awarded the Freedom of the City of Dublin] doesn’t overlook anyone, that’s 71 men (including all four members of U2) and five women. There’s Michiko, empress-consort of Japan. There’s Anjezë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, Blessed Teresa of Calcutta,.. There’s Aung San Suu Kyi,. There’s Margaret Sandhurst, English suffragist. And, finally, there’s Maureen Potter, actor and comedian, who, of the seventy-six recipients of the Freedom of the City of Dublin, is the only Irish woman.

The Lord Mayor nominated and City Council approved a further two awards for 2014: Brian O’Driscoll and Father Peter McVerry…”


Isaac Butt, W.E. Gladstone, et al. (Henry & Clover)

(Photocall ireland)

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