Broadsheet Trailer Park: Sin City: A Dame To Kill For



What you may need to know

1. Nice to be back. We’ve been busy, watching True Detective.

2. The first Sin City (2005) was a lot of fun – they’ve been talking up the sequel for ages. Nine years later, it’s here.

3. New arrivals include Joseph-Gordon Levitt, Josh Brolin, Stacy Keach, Ray Liotta and Lady Gaga.

4. But wait – SPOILER ALERT – weren’t Mickey Rourke and Bruce Willis killed in the first one? It’s a prequel, and a sequel, see, like Godfather Part 2 (1974).

5. But why bother? Sin City creator Frank Miller just had another belated prequel/sequel thing, 300: Rise Of An Empire (2004), open, and open big. And director Robert Rodriguez could do with a hit after those brutal Spy Kids and Machete re-threads.

6. All hail Eva Green, BEST BOND GIRL EVER. She’s also in the 300 sequel, and makes the whole thing worth the price of admission alone. Anyone meet her when she was in Dublin shooting Penny Dreadful? .

7. Broadsheet Prognosis: Powers Boothe. Always a good idea.

Release Date: August (US)

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