Temple Bar, Dublin last night at 1am.

Thanks Brian


On the London Underground this afternoon.

Daniel writes:

“Out of picture are the 10+ people with this couple  in leprechaun and Irish dancing outfits pissed out of their minds winding up passengers on the same carriage…”


Upper Mount Street, Dublin yesterday afternoon.

Thanks Knitzer


Ivory Coast flag outside The Westin Hotel, Dublin this afternoon.

Thanks Alan O’Connor


galwaycodLouise writes:

Fishmonger getting into the Paddy’s Day spirit in the Saturday Market in Galway yesterday. There’s no plaice like Galway on a sunny day…

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Neil Dorgan writes:

“Frankly hatstand seasonal window display in a fabric/furnishing type shop in Greystones, Co. Wicklow.”


Dave Leahy writes:

“Keith Walsh ollies two Japanese tourists outside Grattan House, Mount Street, Dublin this afternoon .Photo by Niall O Byrne.”