Dublin Prices Dip




[Top: A new graph published by the Central Statistics Office today detailing property prices in Ireland between February 2005 and February 2013 and, above, a screebgrab from a table showing the percentage price change in properties in Dublin in January and February 2014]

The CSO found:

In Dublin residential property prices fell by 0.6% in February and were 13.3% higher than a year ago. Dublin house prices fell by 0.6% in the month and were 13.6% higher compared to a year earlier. Dublin apartment prices were 10.5% higher when compared with the same month of 2013. The price of residential properties in the Rest of Ireland (i.e. excluding Dublin) rose by 0.9% in February compared with a decrease of 2.1% in February of last year. Prices were 4.2% higher than in February 2013.

Mark Sugrue writes:

“According to the CSO, Dublin house prices have fallen 2.1% since the start of 2014, bringing prices back to where they were in September 2013. Although the Dublin Meeja will claim the opposite. Doesn’t the Irish Times own myhome.ie?”

Residential Property Prices rise by 8.1% in the year to February (Central Statistics Office)

Graph update:


Thanks Mark

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