Something For The Weekend?



[Sex Siopa founder Shawna Scott]


Do you have a ‘friend’ who is single but FRISKY?

Sex Siopa, Ireland’s “first health and design focused sex shop”, have offered us some self-pleasuring gifts –  female AND MALE – for the lust-lorn among YOUR friends.

Sex Siopa’s Shawna Scott writes;

“The men’s prize is the Red Dot design award winning Tenga 3D masturbation sleeve, and the women’s prize is the brand new Minna Limon programmable vibrator. And each prize comes with a box of Sir Richard’s’ condoms (For every condom purchased, they donate another one to a developing nation).”

To enter, Just complete this quickie sentence.

My friend________________  deserves a designer sex toy because he/she__________________

Lines MUST close at midnight 2am.

 Sex Siopa

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