The Little Pub That Fought Back



A video made by staff occupying the Park Inn in Waterford in response to the pub’s sudden closure – in February.

On April 4, the staff received their full entitlements but are continuing to hold the sit-in until all the kegs are dry to save their jobs.

Duty manager Derek Ryan told The Waterford News and Star:

“The aim to secure jobs was on the cards but now the staff have learned that due to a legal technicality the sale of the pub has been stalled. The nine of us are now calling on the party that has raised this legal technicality to come forward and explain their case. This technicality is blocking the way to securing jobs for the workers who have given many years’ loyal service and dedication to The Park Inn.”

Today is day 57.


The Little Pub That Fought Back – The Park Inn (Facebook)

Thanks Kieran

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