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When circuses were circuses.

Name those jammers, anyone?

Saturday night.


In Waterford.

Catherine Drea tweeted:

At 6AM in this corridor, where I spent 5 days, a nurse attempted to insert an IV in my arm. I held my phone as a torch. She failed twice to insert it. Instead I missed my vital IV antibiotics for the second time. Our health system feels like a war zone from here.

This morning.

John Gallen writes:

It’s Harvest Festival weekend in Waterford – – the heart and soul of great local food.

Lots for foodies and plenty for kids too
– Food market, yoga, makers market (crafts), food, Ballybricken Fair (animals), beekeeping classes, Blaa eating contest, science of craft beer, food, fair ground rides, drum dance classes, Live Well classes for kids, food… and did I say food? :)

Harvest Festival events