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They’re lovin’ us.

Claire Murphy writes:

TODAY fast food workers in over 130 cities across the United States will go on strike for better wages and the right to form a union on the job. The strike will be coordinated by SEIU’s Fast Food Forward campaign. On the same day, workers in 33 countries around the world will hold protest actions at McDonald’s outlets in solidarity with the strikers in the USA and to call for living wages, an end to zero hour contracts and the right to unionise for McDonald’s workers everywhere.
Young Workers Network activists recently attended the first international meeting of fast food workers which took place in New York. The solidarity actions around the world were planned at this meeting. It was agreed that Young Workers Network would coordinate the Irish actions in Dublin, Cork and Belfast. Never before have workers and their unions and allies co-ordinated an action involving this many workers around the world.


Young Workers Network (Facebook)


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