Can You Help Eoghan And Mary?


proposal[The corner of Merrion Street and Clare Street, Dublin 2]

They’re down on bended knee.

Read on.

Eoghan writes:

“On Saturday, January 12 this year I proposed to my girlfriend Mary (AKA Clerkster: you have published various pics from her over the past few years). I did the deed on the corner of Merrion Square and Clare Street (for various sentimental reasons) around 2pm. Thankfully she said yes and we are getting married next summer.

As I dropped to one knee a group of four/five Italian/Spanish tourists noticed what I was doing. They gave us a lovely round of applause and one of them offered to take a photo of us and to email it to me. I wrote down my email address on a scrap of a paper but as anyone who has proposed will tell you there were tears and general shakiness everywhere and my handwriting all over the place. Due to the madness of the day we didn’t think of taking any other photos.

So finally five months later after checking my spam folder three times every day, I’ve kinda given up hope of the photo showing up. But there was one Irish guy with the group of tourists so I’m hoping he might be a Broadsheet reader and might be able to forward us a photo, no matter how weird a pose we struck ‑ I’m pretty sure we had completely forgotten how to smile due to all of the excitement.”


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