Going To The Cat Laughs?


Secret Kilkenny cover

Who suffered a prank at the hands of John Bishop, Dave Gorman, Ricky Grover and Karl Spain?

Which unexpected place did George Wendt encounter Dylan Moran?

And just why was Dom Irrera almost never invited back to the festival?

For the weekend that’s in it.

Andrew Mickel writes:

“We’ve just published a book on on the Cat Laughs’ festival. kilkenny Secrets is 224-page guide brings together contributions from Irish funnymen including Jason Byrne, Ardal O’Hanlon, Graham Linehan and Mark Doherty [see extract below]. American contributors including George Wendt, Dom Irrera and Harland Williams and UK talent including Fred MacAulay, Simon Munnery and Comedy Store Players Steve Frost and Andy Smart.
The book also tells the story of the festival’s development from a late-night pub chat to an internationally-renowned brand. AND There’s a discount of 25% for the €4 ebook to Broadsheet readers using the discount code thebroadsheet2014 HERE


Otter Madness

“I think the year was 1998. It was the Sunday, and I was in the hotel bed with a hangover. It was before children, when you could indulge in a hangover – enjoy it, even – and just wait.
So there I was, half-awake, half-asleep, drifting, when the door burst open. Ross Noble stood facing me, with an otter. A stuffed otter. Under his arm. He stared at me. I stared at him. It’s hard to find the words sometimes. Was there really a man there? With an otter? My brain was poisoned, but doing its best. It’s unusual a man breaks into your room with an otter. But it’s Ross Noble. It’s unusual, but…
At last, I had a sentence ready. So did he.
“What are you doing in my room?” one of us said.
“It’s my room.”
He gave the room a quick scan. “Or I’m on the next floor up.”
And he left. And I went back to sleep.
I couldn’t find Ross that evening to confirm or deny the scene. But the following day, I was leaving for Dublin. Out on the main street, Eddie Bannon and Ross were standing at the traffic lights, Eddie with a bucket of water, and Ross with the otter. Each time the lights turned red, Eddie threw soapy water on the windscreen of a car, and Ross polished and dried it with the otter. Then Eddie gave the driver a coin, as payment.
So it did happen.”


Actor/comedian/director Mark Doherty

Secret Kilkenny (SuchSmallPortions)



Naoise writes:

“Lovely piece following George (Norm from Cheers) and Bernadette Wendt on the Wild Atlantic Way ahead of the Sky Cat Laughs Comedy Festival which started last night….”

 Sky Cat Laughs Comedy

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