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Kilkenny Town Hall entrance (top) and how it will look under new proposals

In Kilkenny.

A petition has been launched opposing a glazed enclosure on the classical arcade of Kilkenny Town Hall, known as the Tholsel and built in 1761.

And to reject the removal by Kilkenny County Council “of the beautiful ceremonial staircase from the body of the building”.

Padraig O’Ceallaigh writes:

This Disneyfication of Kilkenny has to stop. The Tholsel or Town Hall in Kilkenny city is a public building and a protected structure, classified as ‘a substantial edifice of national significance, forming an imposing centre piece in High Street’.

We, the people of Kilkenny, love it.

We love its public Arcade that welcomes musicians, artists, craftspeople, jugglers, carol singers and the Crib at Christmas, art exhibitions in the summer and meetings, remembrances, public gatherings and community fundraising events all year round.

This is Kilkenny’s public space, our Agora. We don’t want it enclosed, reduced in size, or glassed in for use as a ticket office, or anything else.

We’re also proud of the ceremonial staircase within the building. We don’t want to lose this either. It’s part of who we are, part of the Tholsel that we love. Leave it alone.

Sign here

Top pic by Andy Sheridan


Ah here.

Jeannie Frampton writes:

Yesterday on the Ormonde Road in the heart of Kilkenny City ….Like to see the mammy who can get a double buggy over that one…Us mammies are clever but not that feckin’ clever….


Last night.

At St Canice’s Cathedral in Kilkenny where former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern was interviewed by former RTE journalist David Davin-Power, as part of the Kilkenny Arts Festival.



This afternoon.

Ballyragget, County Kilkenny.

Eamonn Farrell writes:

The Durrow Scarecrow Festival [Durrow, County Laois] is over and the straw replica of Pope Francis and his mobile have been banished to the side of the road outside nearby Ballyragget, much to the surprise and delight of passing motorists…

Eamonn Farrell/Rollingnews



Tally NO!

Tullaroan, County Kilkenny

John Fitzgerald writes:

Farmer Norman Daniels of Tullaroan, County Kilkenny has suffered numerous incursions from hunts over the years. Hunts cause extensive damage to farm property nationwide and many landowners consider them a nuisance, and in some instances a grave threat, that they can ill afford

But this time (the incident happened over Christmas), Norman Daniels had a camcorder ready to record the type of hunt havoc landowners have to contend with on a weekly basis every season in Ireland.

As The Irish Council Against Bloodsports say on their facebook page: “This all demonstrates yet another good reason for hunting with hounds to be banned in Ireland.”


Irish Council Against Bloodsports

Ah here.

P writes:

Welcome to the SmedievalMile! Nice work Kilkenny County Council planners; truly…With over €4million investment in Medieval Mile is Failte Ireland happy with this?


Thanks Paddy O’Ceallaigh

Pic 2 via Kilkenny People

Further to the circulation of a video showing the contents of a council truck being poured into the River Nore in Kilkenny…

Niall Sargent, of the Green News, reports:

Ireland’s environmental watchdog has ordered Kilkenny County Council to investigate potential contamination of the River Nore by discharge from a Council street sweeping truck.

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has called for the investigation after video footage emerged of a street sweeping truck emptying a liquid substance into the river in April 2016.

The incident occurred along the Canal Walk, which passes alongside the county’s most famous landmark, Kilkenny Castle.


…In a statement to The Green News, the EPA confirmed that it received an anonymous complaint in July 2017 in relation to the footage.

The EPA said that it has requested the council to investigate the complaint, with a report from the council’s Environment Section set to be delivered by 11 August 2017.

The Council’s Director of Services Tim Butler confirmed the incident, stating that the liquid disposed of was “excess surface water from street sweeping activities”.

He added that the composition is “similar to run off after any rainfall events.”

EPA orders Council to investigate potential contamination of River Nore (The Green News)

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Spotted yesterday.

In Kilkenny.


Thanks Mary

Earlier today.

Prince Charles has a go at hurling in the grounds of Kilkenny Castle.

Charles and his wife the Duchess of Cornwall Camilla Parker-Bowles are currently on a three-day State visit.

Video: Sean Defoe

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REPLETEKilkenny electronica

What you may need to know…

01. Replete is Kilkenny-based electronic composer Peter Lawlor, releasing material through American techno label Always Human.

02. Having been on the scene in some capacity or other for a few years now (your writer seems to remember streaming some old stuff on ye olde Drop-d.ie), it comes as a surprise that his first physical release only occurred recently, compiling some older material with an EP’s worth of fresh kill.

03. The (fairly amusingly-monikered) Zizek at the Discotheque is streaming now from Always Human Tapes’ Bandcamp page, premiering this week on The Thin Air.

04. As the label’s name might suggest, it’s available for download and purchase (plus shipping from the States!) on cassette.

Thoughts: No-nonsense beats and pieces from a consistent producer who’ll hopefully finally get his dues in 2017.