Pissy Quipped


13475346851131A recent linguistic zingfest by Judge Seamus Hughes (no stranger to these pages, etc)

Then Judge Hughes asked the defendant: “Where would I buy €800 worth of cannabis this morning?” “You’d have to look it up. I got a number from a man, and I had to meet a man in a car park in Golden Island,” said Henehan. “What? Oh, I thought you said ‘on a cold night’. The cannabis is already affecting your voice,” observed the judge. “Tell me, how did you know it was cannabis, and not dried nettles, or something. Sure, he might have just topped it off with cannabis or dogs’ urine,” quipped the judge.

Man fined for not buying “dried nettles” (Athlone Advertiser)

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(H/T: Ronan Emmett)

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