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Dr Tom Clonan, security analyst with the Irish Times, author of Whistleblower, Soldier, Spy and lecturer in Dublin Institute of Technology

Limerick Leader reports:

“Dr Tom Clonan, security analyst with the Irish Times and lecturer in DIT, said at a panel discussion on journalism and ethics at the University of Limerick last week that there has been an “explosion of communication gatekeepers and media managers” seeking to deflect and control the mainstream media.

“In many cases journalists are mouthpieces for the establishment,” he said.

“If we are to get to get grips with the ethics of journalism there needs to be a fundamental root and branch audit of how the industry carries out its business, because aside from the code of conduct and the product that you read, there is a hidden curriculum within journalism in Ireland and there are rules to the game that outsiders are not aware of.”

“He argued that there is “an unspoken problem in Irish journalism about relationships with sources who are far too powerful”.


Ethics in journalism discussed at UL conference (Limerick Leader)

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Pic: Dublin Institute of Technology