Poor Rental Guidance



Trying to find a place to rent in Dublin?

Read on.

Simon writes:

“My wife and I are looking for a 2 bedroom house in the D6w/D12 area and went to see a little house in former social housing on a mature estate. After submitting references from employers and current landlord, we were invited to a viewing on a weekend afternoon. After looking around the house we confirmed we were interested and joined his list of 16 other couples (1 hour into a 3.5 hour viewing). After a little back and forth via email confirming our suitability (no pets, non-smokers etc) we were propositioned as follows:

Thanks Simon, So far you are on full marks so I will revert either way by tomorrow. Unfortunately, I think that I may be left with a few ideal candidates and it may come down to price. Can I ask what is the best offer you can make on the rental price as I have already had others offer more that what I advertised?

We were taken aback, as I didn’t realise Daft was now an auctions site, but having talked it over with my wife, we decided to offer €100 (or about 8.5%) over the asking price. The following morning we got a text letting us know that the property was let to someone else, who presumably, offered more.
If we had the €14k deposit, we could finance the purchase of a bigger house on the same street for about €900 a month, interestingly.”