Karl’s Irish App Of The Day: Scaboodle





With World Cup fever in full swing, thoughts will soon turn to attempting to organise a few games of 5-a-side.

Then you remember trying to sort it all out is like herding cats into a small bag and you forget all about it.

That’s where Scaboodle comes in with their event management apps.

With the apps you can invite friends, sort out a time and place and hopefully get to kick a ball around. Afterwards you can dissect it all and share all your photos.

If you’re not interested in organising your own, you can also search through other open events to something that piques your interest.

It’s not just for the sportsball fans as it’s flexible enough for any sort of event.

Everything from creating the event to posting afterwards is quick and easy. The little cartoons throughout add a nice bit of personality to what could otherwise be a dry process.

The app is available now on the Apple App StoreGoogle Play and the Windows Phone Store for free.

Do you have an Irish app (especially an Android one)? Let us know: Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie

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