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TaptDonegal-developed and published rhythm game

What you may need to know…

01. Because not all musical endeavour involves bands and artists, presented for your consideration: Tapt, an Irish-developed rhythm game for iOS.

02. Developed and self-published by Donegal man Stephen Coyle, the game focuses on rhythm rather than melody, unlike a lot of similar endeavours, and encourages attention to detail in listening to said tunes.

03. Streaming above is a playthrough of the first stage by French mobile-game YouTuber First Stage, demonstrating its capabilities.

04. Get it at the App Store, and check the various expansion packs. Every purchase helps fund Coyle’s development of an educational edition of the app.

VERDICT: An interesting concept that should rightly help a lot of people with the basics of rhythm, and provide a satisfying puzzle-game experience on the way.


All Irish music tech/app-related projects welcome to submit to the column, please, to the usual email address. No charge.

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With the news that Three is planning to hike the cost of it’s sim-only bill-pay plan by 25% in June, your mind might turn to switching plans.

The National Consumer Agency says that people save an average of €24 a month by switching plans, but few do so.

Enter Daniel McCarthy of KillBiller:

A primary reason why people don’t switch is confusion in selecting the right plan.KillBiller is a mobile application that analyses users’ actual phone usage against all of the plans available from Irish operators.

The app takes details of the calls, messages and data used by you on your phone and, based on this, calculates how much you would have spent on each plan.

Having found the right plan, KillBiller offers users the convenience of switching networks within the app.

Years ago I wrote some scripts to do something similar and the end result was a horrid mess that just about worked. In comparison, what the KillBiller guys have done is slick and actually useful to normal humans.

Killer name also.

Kill Biller is available now on both the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

3 Ireland to hike mobile bills by 25pc just months after €850m O2 buyout

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Colm Doyle writes:

When I started using dublinbikes more frequently, I couldn’t really find an app that ticked all the boxes for me. Some were focused on showing me a map, others wanted to show me a big long list of really small text that didn’t really make it clear what the situation was in terms of bikes or stands. And forget trying to use the website on your phone when you’re running around town looking for a bike.

Frustrated, I decided to just build my own. I focused on what I find to be the most common situations

It shows you the important details about a station in a giant numbers – How many bikes, how many stands? The list is sorted according to my current location, so I get the more relevant stations at the top. I can mark stations as favourites and show just those ones, again, with the important information highlighted.

If a station gets closed for maintenance (which happens more often than you might think), then I instantly get a notification to let me know and I can plan accordingly.

Rothar is available on the Apple App Store for free.

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They certainly are.

JP Vaughan writes to tell us:

Some good news for Irish Indie games. Two Irish game devs [Galway based Rocket Rainbow and Dublin based Gambrinous] have had their games [Hey Ewe and Guild of Dungeoneering] selected as finalists for the Indie Prize at Casual Connect in Amsterdam next month.

You guys were a great help to us when we launched Hay Ewe and really helped to get the name out there so we feel you contributed to its success too.

Anyway, a nice bit of news for small business at the least.

Hey Ewe is a cute little puzzle game and is available now on the Apple App Store for 99 cents.

Guild of Dungeoneering is expected to be released in May on Steam for both Windows and Mac. We simply cannot wait to get our hands on this after playing a demo of it last year.

Two Irish Games Selected For Casual Connect Indie Prize


Do you like The Lonely Beast?

James Kelleher writes:

We’re donating all proceeds from sales of our Lonely Beast apps this week (8th-15th December) to Temple Street Children’s Hospital. My daughter spent a week on the neonatal ward in Temple Street last year. It’s pretty terrifying to have a child that young in hospital, especially as first-time parents, but the staff were incredible. Full of humanity, unbelievably dedicated and professionally curious, they went out of their way to look after the families as well as the children affected by illness. So this is our tiny gesture of thanks.

The three apps available are:
The Lonely Beast ABC
The Lonely Beast 123
The Lonely Beast: Letters & Numbers

santa_finder santa_finder_map santa_finder_list

Dannielle from Showoff writes:

We saw in the media that Childline were in trouble regarding funding so we thought that we might be able to help somehow. Based on the success of our 99 Finder app, we decided to alter that product and turn it into a “Santa Finder”.

Users can locate the nearest Santa’s Grotto, rate it by giving Santa candy canes, and add Santa Snaps which they can then share through social media.

The main function of the app, however, is to encourage donations to a good cause. Users can easily donate through the app via SMS. We had fun creating the product and we hope plenty of people have fun using it, but most importantly that it helps to raise a good bit of money for Childline.

The app is available now for FREE on the Apple App Store.

You can donate €4 by texting ‘Childline’ to 57911 or donate online at savechildline24.ie.

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Life in the Womb, an iOS app developed by Dublin-based firms The Science Picture Company and Broadsheet favourites Redwind Software, has won a 2014 World Summit Award for innovation in learning and education.

They’ll receive the award at the wi-fi friendly World Summit Global Congress, which will be hosted in Abu Dhabi.

It’s no Realex Web Award though. in fairness.

Life in the Womb

Previously: Womb It Concerns



The first ever recorded computer bug

We released a new version of the Broadsheet app last week with iPhone 6/6+ support and a lovely Today widget and for most people it’s been working fine.


A small number of users are experiencing a crash when trying to view any post. Sorry. Unfortunately I’ve been unable to replicate the crash on any of my test devices so it’s proving to be a very frustrating bug hunt.

So I need your help.

If you’re one of these users and you’d like to give us a hand I would ask you to sign up to our Beta. Once you’ve signed up to TestFlight, register your iPhone with them and I’ll then be able to send you a test version of the app to make sure the bug is well and truly squished.

Beta Sign Up

ShipAnticImage_09 ShipAnticImage_05 (1) ShipAnticImage_06


Released yesterday, ShipAntics – The Legend of the Kiki Beast is the latest puzzle game from Dublin based StoryToys.

They describe it as

ShipAntics stars a madcap crew of seafaring adventurers: Captain Fred, the warm-hearted skipper of the Barnacle, Amanda his precocious, wild and wide-eyed daughter, and Otto, a cheeky young tall-tale touting Octopus. Your orders are to help Amanda and Otto as they venture into the wild blue yonder, solving mysteries and puzzles with Fred and the rest of the crew of the Barnacle.

Which actually boils down to it being a nice little point-and-click type adventure game that reminds me of the glory days of Monkey Island.

It’s a cute little game and the obviously high production values make it a delight to play.

The app is available now on the Apple App Store for €1.99.

Do you have an Irish app (especially an Android one)? Let us know: Broadsheet@broadsheet.ie

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