Broadsheet Trailer Park: Horrible Bosses 2



What you may need to know:

1. Classic rule of ill-advised sequels: do exactly the same thing all over again

2. Remember the first Horrible Bosses (2011)? Barely? Colin Farrell’s combover stole the show.

3. That said, Jamie Foxx’s character had the greatest name in recent movie history.

4. New baddies: Christoph Waltz and Chris ‘Craptain Kirk’ Pine.

5. Best YouTube comment: ‘0:42 seconds in, it shows Jamie Foxx drinking through a straw and they put a sound effect of an empty glass even though his drink is full…what the hell is the point of that?’

6. Rachel from Friends inviting men to pee on her = comedy gold.

Release Date: Not Soon Enough

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