Desperate For Dan



It’s a long shot…

Olga writes:

“I left my phone [similar to the one above] in a mini-bus taxi on Camden Street [Dublin] on Saturday night. When I later realised my phone was missing, a friend called my number and a guy, saying his name was Dan, answered it. He said he found it in the taxi and would return it to me the following day, Sunday.
I’ve bcalled the number he gave but it’s going straight to voicemail. I’ve also had friends text the number and there’s been no reply. Perhaps my friend misheard him when she took down the number? Or he lost his own phone? He was heading to a party in Leopardstown [Co Dublin] when my friend spoke to him. My phone is also going straight to voicemail…”


UPDATE: Olga writes: “His name wasn’t Dan, it was John! He has it and I’m collecting it after work tonight…”