I’ve Fallen In Love With My Taxi Driver



Not something you hear every day, in fairness.

The Evening Live Drive team at Dublin City FM received the following today:

“Hi Guys, this is a little odd but yesterday (Monday 07/07/14) I was in Dublin and got a taxi from outside Connolly Station to St James Gate at around 10.40am. The taxi was a red car (possibly a Toyota).
Anyhow the taxi driver was BEAUTIFUL and I clocked his name on his ID badge as something like Daire, Darin or Dealglan and his surname began with B – In my nerves for my meeting etc i have forgotten his name and stupidly didn’t get a taxi receipt.
We swapped stories and I want to find him and see if he would like to go for pint, i don’t even know if he is single so this could be awkward but…..!
I know he has crazy friends and had lost his phone and car keys this weekend and had the “fear of life” a bit like myself!
I would really appreciate if you guys could help me trace him by reading this out on air. I’d also appreciate if you described me rather than give out my name- I was wearing a black suit with a green blouse, dark hair and was telling him about my “sore leg” thanks.”


Do You Believe In True Love (LiveDrive)

(Laura Hutton/Photocall Ireland)

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