18 thoughts on “De Thursday Papers

  1. lois

    I bet anything that the brooks saga is part of a movie script and now it looks like Enda is a new Disney hero….

    1. Sam

      Ah, the stage show has started early with the muppet panto in Dáil Éireann and the “oh not it won’t!” , “Oh, yes it will” horsecrap in the papers.

      Can you think of any other country with electricity where the leader of the country would be getting involved with whether people go to a concert?

      1. Mani

        A politician would lick a tramps taint if he or she thought it would increase their popularity.

  2. Sam

    This kind of stuff is why a Taoiseach can be ignored or given a patronising rub on the head in international meetings.

    “Angela, have you chided the yanks for spying on your agencies?”

    “Mr. Hollande, will we have more air traffic control strikes?”

    “Enda, …did you sort out the Garth Brooks concerts?”

  3. Am I still On This Island

    I have images of Enda as the lone ranger with Daniel O Donnel as his Tonto & Joan Burton as Silver!!

  4. Lilly

    Enda has reached a new low in my opinion. What a gom, has he nothing better to do – such as run the country. I hope DCC tell him to piss off.

  5. GiGi

    It may earn Enda and his gang the support of a large proportion of the 400,000 voters, (sorry I meant fans) but it will surely guarantee him being branded as a lover of cowboys. ; ) Yeeeeehaaaaaaaaaw!

  6. More_Bermuda_than_Berlin

    Health. Jobs. Bank debt.

    There are plenty of others, but I’d settle for Enda and his new buddy, Christy Burke, giving their energy to looking at these three, rather than interfering with the licensing laws.

    1. cluster

      There are a large number of people who would like to see Garth Brooks in concert (baffling to me but true). If this can be accommodated, it should be. Not sure it needs the Taoiseach.

      1. More_Bermuda_than_Berlin

        Define “accommodated”.

        DCC have decided on it and they say the decision can’t be changed.

        Now, either they’re wrong and it can be changed or the rules need to be bent a little.

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