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  1. ClampersOutside!

    It’s nice that people are sending ‘letters’ in this day an’ age like…. I smiled warmly when they referred to this as such, a ‘letter’, on Six One… like through the post like.

    *hugs all round*

  2. Tristan

    Just when I thought we had no dignity left as a nation (post bending over for the Germans at the bailout) this happens. The decent majority are again being brought to our knees by the sizeable majority of backward gombeens, this time in the form of Aiken and the Mayor of Dublin. We are not an international laughing stock over the cancellation of the concerts but, as this rolls on we are going to revive the hard-lost image of a bunch of toothless boggers and cute hoors.

    For the love of God, please allow us to retain the shred of dignity we cling to as a nation.

    1. linbinius

      This decision is what you cling to so you can continue to be/become a proud Irishman? YOU are what makes me feel sad for humanity as a whole. International status for you fella. Congrats.

      “We are not an international laughing stock over the cancellation of the concerts but, as this rolls on we are going to revive the hard-lost image of a bunch of toothless boggers and cute hoors.”

      Just shut the f**k up.

      1. Zynks (I One Eye Institute)

        Dude, we have laws for a reason. Tristan is right, if the laws are changed to give in to GB’s blackmail, we will be sending out a very poor image for the country. It is a question of pride, among other things at this stage.

        1. linbinius

          Listen. I’m sorry Tristan that was overly aggressive. I’m just fupped off with this match.

          What bothers me is the coverage by both main stream and alternative news sources which has garnered so much reaction that it has become an issue of national importance. This issue is in no way comparable to the damage done by unscrupulous ….folk…in the past.

          Greed and incompetence played a big part in this but on such a small scale. Whats the story with the people who are going to be collecting the rubbish i produce for the the rest of my life? i just worry about how those people are going to be compensated.

          Its in this way i feel for Garth….GET IT!.

          Apologies gents.

  3. Glebe

    One concert for all in the Phoenix Park. Pack them all in at one concert. Problem solved. Crisis averted. Thank me later.

    1. Jack Charlton

      Swedish House Mafia to support Garth Brooks at Phoenix Park. One night only. 650,000 tickets on sale this Friday.

    1. GiGi

      Phoenix Park might work for them…. like in1979 – the year of the Pope.

      What would that make 2014 then?

      The year of the Dope?

  4. SOMK


    I was informed yesterday that my show will be going ahead, but my request for total legislative control and the establishment of a monarchical line of Brooks to rule over Ireland indefinitely has been refused. I cannot begin to tell you how badly my heart is breaking right now. I hope you understand that to have total despotic rule over a population of 400,000, over five nights, would be a dream, but to tell the remaining 3.6 million of this lovely land that, they cannot also bathe in the holy light my humble magnificence would be a nightmare. To do what the ECB suggests (I establish a test kingdom in Connaught, rule one province not all four) means I agree people should not enjoy the glorious domination of my golden rule and I just can’t agree with that.

    Our guys are still en route and if there is any chance the landing a fleet of eight container ships packed with my Stetson wearing Brooks Brigadiers (they’re all armed with guitar-guns, like from that movie desperado, my thinking is you can either listen to my music or the good Lord’s) can be salvaged and there’s no chance of NATO interfering (I have no air support after all) then we can proceed as planed until my Texan castle is ready to ship. I cannot begin to tell you how badly the hearts of my BBs will be breaking if they don’t get to see some combat action, I mean why else use all my money to pay for a standing army if I don’t invade and occupy anywhere?

    If you tell me, “Garth, Danke but it is over.” I will crease my efforts to bestow the fresh country warmth of my undying benevolence upon the Irish people. If you think for any reasons that the “powers that be” in Europe can fix this, then I will faithfully go to the last second.

    Please let me know how to proceed.

    All my gratitude, respect, and love to you and Germany, g

  5. Continuity Jay-Z

    It shows how powerful the parish pump is. I’d say every ludher in the country is harassing their FG TD. No Garth, no vote. That is why the Taoiseach is getting involved.

  6. jane

    Dear Mr Barack
    Sorry for da hack of us Crokers
    but dat Garth has given us a bit of a choker.
    Would ya eva hook fat Brooks
    And ask him what the fooks

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