For The Love Of Garth



Garth Brooks giving US President Barack Obama his 2008 Grammy for Best Spoken Word Album for “The Audacity of Hope: Thoughts on Reclaiming the American Dream” in 2010

Make it stop.

[Lord Mayor Christy] Burke also said a group of residents from Ballybough in Dublin told him they intend to call on US President Barack Obama to try to encourage Mr Brooks to play in the capital.”

But when contacted by this afternoon, White House spokeswoman Caitlin Hayden confirmed that the President will not be intervening.

“This is an issue we’ll leave it to Mr. Brooks and the City of Dublin to resolve,” she said.

White House: ‘We won’t be getting involved in Garth Brooks fiasco’ (Irish Independent)

Pic: White House


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77 thoughts on “For The Love Of Garth

  1. Rob_G

    “Why the fudge would POTUS involve himself in a planning dispute in a city on the other side of the world?”, she added.

  2. Medium Sized C

    Then snickered.
    Then started to cry.
    “Is this it?” she said quietly to herself.
    “Is this the culmination of my lifes work in diplomacy? Telling journalists that the President doesn’t care about Garth Brooks concerts?”

    1. DD

      I havn’t had this much fun since Roy Keane walked out on his country (for the first time).

      1. chimpy

        Or the time Tierry Henry cheated us out of the world cup and we asked fifa could we be just added in as an extra team. now that was embarrassing.

  3. Weedless

    Jesus lads this is getting embarassing. Some of us live abroad now, if this makes international news I’ll never hear the end of it as the only Irish guy in the office.

  4. Zynks

    Residents from Ballybough in Dublin running out of options. Maybe if we joined NATO we could get Rasmusen to send the troops to drag GB to Dublin?

  5. Buzz

    Unlike Enda Kenny, Obama has better things to do. What a joke, are we living in an episode of Callan’s kicks.

    1. HappyDub

      I watched about 10 minutes of Callan’s kicks, and I swear it’s the 1st time I’ve ever gotten angry about a programme on RTE. I can forgive the fact that there’s sh*t load of ads even though it’s state funded, I can forgive the re-runs of American shows from 20 years ago, and I can even forgive Ryan Tub’s awkward, twitchy, annoying face on the late late, but that Callan thing is the absolute dregs, utter w*ank.

      I dare anyone to come up with an unfunnier show, I dare yiz!

        1. ahyeah

          Ah stop, did I ever tell you about the time me and ABM were doing the frog-walk and hanging our testes through the grid of the overpass? At the time, no, but looking back on it now, it was hilarious. Not for ABM – still doesn’t talk to me.

  6. Huh?

    Whatever about the Lord Mayor getting carried away with the excitement of it all, I resent the Indo making that call to ensure the embarrassment.

    1. K

      Indeed. I’m expecting the Indo to run a piece later along the lines of “Twitter reacts to Obama’s Garth snub.”

  7. Eoghany

    I’m pretty sure the last time our nation got this worked up was when Keano left Saipan..

    1. Dhaughton99

      Hey at least RTE will have something new for ‘Reeling in the years’ in a few years time.

  8. DD

    This is up there with John Delaney asking FIFA if they’d allow an extra team in the 2010 WC.

  9. Medium Sized C

    It would seem that histrionics over largely meaningless occurances is something we do.

  10. Buzz

    The Gweendore priest is back from Lourdes and has added Garth Brooks concerts to his blacklist.

  11. rotide

    I would love to be a fly on the wall in todays staff meeting in the Indo..

    “OK, Who’s calling the white house for comment? Noone? OK, lets make the jobbridge lad do it”

    1. dhaughton99

      The best thing about the indo is the “editors choice”.

      Todays are

      1. Why Chrissy Teigen and Jennifer Lawrence might be the same person

      2. 10 of the best ‘selfies’…ever

      3. The Happy Pair: Wicklow brothers dish up Twitter eye candy

      4. ‘Philip Cairns Snr kept his dignity, but died not knowing why his son…

      5. The best reactions to Ryan Gosling becoming a dad

      6. Presenter Michelle Doherty on beating depression

      7. Vive la France: 10 ways to celebrate Bastille Day in Dublin

      8. Gear VR: Samsung ‘to launch virtual reality headset’ in September

      9. Cyclists v motorists: Who’s up to speed on the rules?

  12. Mister Mister

    Don’t know what’s worse, the residents of Ballybough, the bat shit crazy lord mayor, of the Indo for even asking the White House ffs.

  13. Rugbyfan

    If it was Metallica or say a reformed Guns n Roses would there be as much fuss?

    Doubt it!

          1. chimpy

            +1 I shed a tear that you’re also a rugby fan. I thought rugby fans had a sense of taste?

          2. Rugbyfan

            suppose so. perhaps in their heyday!
            Enjoy the gigs in Crioke park if they go ahead!

      1. Gav D

        Extra! Extra! GARTH BROOKS fan in snobby about OTHER PEOPLE’S music preferences SHOCKER! More as we get it!

  14. NavyandBlue

    Seeing as the prolonged deprivation of Ballybough is testament to that locality’s lack of political clout in Leinster House, what on earth made them think that the White House would be the least bit interested.

  15. `qwerty

    The voice over on Brooks top 10 hit single “Down in Chlamydia Creek” puts all this into perspective “As far as we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light in the darkness of mere being. It may even be assumed that just as the unconscious affects us, so the increase in our consciousness affects the unconscious”

  16. Medium Sized C

    I just heard its back on.
    I don’t believe it, really.
    But I’m posting it here for the adulation.

  17. martco

    ok, I think this is an elaborate stunt…
    basically my theory is that this whole scenario is a well crafted episode of Gift Grub where the lads thought it would be really clever to do the life imitating art thing
    anyone think it’s a possibility?

  18. Haroo

    It says nowhere in the story that the White House spokesperson used the word ‘fiasco’ but it’s in quotes in the headline.

  19. bozo

    Won’t some one think of all the Tax free selling of crappy merch that the locals will be missing out on selling by the armload. How else are they meant to supplement their dol..I mean earnings.

  20. kurtz

    Shhhh just nobody tell The Guardian/BBC/HuffPo/CNN/Fox/Times/Gawker/Buzzfeed. Just everyone be cool and try to keep this to ourselves, and it might, MIGHT, just go away soon.

  21. jane

    GB fan in office has just said the following ” you’d fink that with all the bad things happening in the world today…ahhhhh…. like war and famine and like here we are cancelling Garth , like telling people …. nah you are not allowed have any fun”.

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