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This morning.

GAA Museum, Croke Park.

Top from left: Event manager Eamon O’Boyle, Superintendent Martin Mooney and Head of Croke Park Operations & Events Tony McGuinness briefing media on the safety and security arrangements along with the Garda Traffic Management Plan for the Ed Sheeran concerts at Croke Park next Saturday and Sunday.

Sasko Lazarov/RollingNews

This morning.

Croke Park, Dublin.

60 to 69 year olds attend the Croke Park vaccination centre for a third covid ‘booster shot’.

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From top: Croke Park; Stephen Donnelly

“What we had is agreement on a 50% capacity, so about 40,000 people be they vaccinated or unvaccinated. Sixty thousand people fully vaccinated in my view is probably a lower risk than 40,000 people.

“Remember 90% of the adult population is already vaccinated. So if you had an adult population in Croke Park regardless the vast, vast majority in there are fully vaccinated anyway.

“I was talking to Minister Jack Chambers about it and they spend a lot of time working with the sports organisations on whether or not the events themselves are causing outbreaks.

“Interestingly the events are very well run and there isn’t a lot of data suggesting there are super spreader events from the stadiums.

“When you talk to the local testing teams what they find is back in the counties [involved] they begin to see outbreaks because people are going to watch the match in pubs or in people’s houses.”

Minister for Health Stephen Donnelly on RTÉ’s Morning Ireland


Minister says extra capacity for All-Ireland football final ‘unlikely’ (RTÉ)


Saturday afternoon.

Croke Park, Dublin.

Waterford (blue and white) and Limerick (green) fans arrive for the All-Ireland Senior Hurling Championship semi-final under the ‘new normal’, almost indistinguishable from the ‘old normal’ if truth be known.

The game, won by Limerick, was delayed after a hay spill on the M7 in Kildare.


This morning.

Want a Dart at Croker?

Ruadan MaEoin writes:

Irish Rail plan to route the Maynooth DART by Croke Park (see  above and link below) but not stop there.

I am trying to get word out that if individuals simply put in a two liner email to DARTmaynooth@IrishRail.ie by this Thursday October 15, it could really help to get a DART station at Croke Park on track!

DART+ West Emerging Preferred Option (Irish Rail)

This morning/afternoon.

Croke Park, Dublin.

Hon Mohammed.

Eid celebration in Croke Park a ‘powerful symbol of unity (RTÉ)