30 thoughts on “Staying In Tonight?

  1. PeteS

    Nothing like a bit of D4 smugitude and a centuries-old joke to show RTE is putting the license fee to good use. Garbage.

  2. Del McG

    I’m assuming Mario Rosenstock was too expensive to keep on the payroll, so they’ve gone for the Aldi version instead?

      1. bozo

        Not if this is anything to go by. RTE by the numbers rubbish. Having a dig at the Northside. Well done.

      2. Mani

        Unless he’s the first marmoset to write comedy I feel the ‘genius’ tag might be a bit hyperbolic.

  3. K

    The Walkinstown Dead? How trite.

    Here’s a few more which Oliver can have for free:

    The Westport Wing
    Game of Athlones
    Moate Men
    Breaking Bandon

  4. Clampers Outside!

    As a smoker and having to put up with fupps scabbing smokes and some giving ya dogs abuse if ya say ‘no’…. I think that was brilliant ! :)

    …mind, this is the first thing I’ve seen Callan do that I’ve laughed at…. and I’m a fan of Walking Dead.

    1. Nicelives

      I personally thought that was funny too, as a struggling outdoor smoker you’d meet 3 or 4 of these lads a night

  5. Undertow

    I think it’s funny!Looking forward to watching it tonight-might be a few good sketches.

  6. More_Bermuda_than_Berlin

    This is Ireland. This is RTE.

    In fairness, what else can you expect but bog-standard, safe humour?

    Callan is aiming for the middle-class 35-49 age bracket, who are members of FG, FF, (or Labour) and who will be running the country within the next decade.

  7. Parp

    Whoever didn’t see where this was going, verbatim, after 3 seconds, deserves to sit and watch the whole show.

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