50 thoughts on “Meanwhile, On Grafton Street

    1. dhaughton99

      They are heading to the top of Grafton street, knock the bollox off a busker, rob a few postcards then feck off back to Mullingar.

  1. Formerly known as @ireland.com

    Australia’s public broadcaster, ABC, carried the story about these concerts, earlier this week. It is just as well there no more important matters to be dealt with.

    1. Corvo

      There was only about 50 people at it, that’s hardly representative of Irish people. It’s not even representative of Garth Brooks fans.

  2. Bacchus

    what is the point of them walking down Grafton Street other than they get to feel a bit like grown-ups who have genuine protest marches? It serves no purpose whatsoever except to give them some sense of solidarity. There are so many levels of pathetic to this whole saga…

    1. linbinius

      To be fair, this will probably have as much success as the other “genuine” marches you mention.

  3. DizzyDoris

    Great. A bunch of idiots marching in Belfast and now, a bunch of idiots marching in Dublin too.

    1. chimpy

      its hilarious. we get screwed for billions and no one protests and then this happens and the country goes mental for protests.

        1. chimpy

          I think what I meant to say was that I can’t believe people protest the cancellation of a concert but couldn’t be arsed protesting for something serious.

  4. Luke

    Reeling in the Years 2014 should be interesting. Wonder if all those babies in Tuam will be included.

  5. gallantman

    -Young fella:”What is Levi’s?”
    -Young wan:”Tis like Wranglers only dearer”

  6. sheepeyes

    I would just like to point out that not all Garth Brooks fans are the illiterate, pig-shagging troglodytes crawling out of the swamps of Mullingar that Broadsheet commentators make us out to be.

    Carry on.

  7. illuminati 16

    Dublin is so hip , we get fashion updates 9 months after northern English industrial cities

  8. missred

    This is an absolute embarrassment. Protests are generally for things that need highlighting and folks’ voices heard on important issues. So they thought they’d take to the streets just in case the dog sculpted out of sand by that fella on Grafton Street hasn’t heard their bleating and moaning. Was the Liveline engaged?

  9. ahyeah

    Would have been nice if the Croke Park Area Residents Association had been marching from the opposite direction, with both groups stopping in a momentarily tense stand-off at the bottom of Grafton Street – ending with a beautifully choreographed line dance-off in flash mob style. Then it would have emerged that the whole thing was a great big farce to create the context for this wonderful moment.

    1. Jim

      Yes! Thank you for giving me something I can pretend is reality to make sense of this mind blowing ignorance! There was a march just down the road from them in support of the people of Gaza, and they march for this tool, who as it turns out, is only interested in their money!! The worlds in a state o’ chassis and country and western takes precedence!

  10. observer

    The only way this could be worse is if they had cancelled the 1D concerts and THEIR fans were out protesting

  11. CiarĂ¡n

    Has anyone considered that these aren’t culchies but people from Ballybough? Pure northsider Dub heads on some of them. This is the only street on the southside they know…?

  12. Pat-the-barker

    Back to your high rise there Anto and the warm embrace of your sister and let these people about their business

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