Close To Home



Ciaran le Cool of Le Cool Dublin.

He’s never without a bike.

Or so we thought.

He laments:

“I don’t have an actual picture of the actual bike but the above is a similar product shot. It was a black, men’s Trek bike and it had two distinctive features; a silver rear rack and a child’s saddle on the crossbar. Taken from outside the Central Hotel, Wicklow Street, Dublin, on Sunday night. This is my daughter using it in happier times. Those thieves have clipped her wings….”

21 thoughts on “Close To Home

  1. Helen

    hipster buys bike
    hipster loses bike
    hipster contacts BS
    hipster gets bike back
    repeat ad nauseum

  2. JET

    My vintage Raleigh bike ( burgundy in colour) was stolen on Westmoreland street in April 2014. Was much loved by me and admired by many. Back wheel is slightly damaged as had a run in with a gas guzzler , brakes need oiling. Please help.

  3. yogy

    Anyone who locks their back any where in Dublin City, especially at night are idiots if they don’t think it will be stolen.

    1. Mr B

      God forbid to think we might be able to live in a society where people actually keep they’re hands off other people’s property…

      1. yogy

        It’s a shame that we can’t but that’s the way it is. Could be worse, we could be living in Gaza.

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