Freeing Margaretta


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Margaretta D’Arcy

Margaretta D’Arcy who was jailed for two weeks last week, over her opposition to US military use of Shannon Airport, may be released from Limerick Prison on Friday.

Lorna Siggins, in The Irish Times, reports:

Prison sources said that D’Arcy may not have to serve the full two weeks of her term in Limerick Prison and may be discharged on Friday.
D’Arcy, who is a member of Aosdána and is receiving treatment for cancer, had not eaten for some days after being taken to Limerick last Wednesday.

D’Arcy has been eating since yesterday, according to her son Finn Arden, and is in “good spirits”.
In a statement, she said her abstention from food initially was taken as “an act of solidarity with the victims of war and in particular with the people of Gaza who are once again being subjected to a brutal bombing campaign by Israel”.

Activist Margaretta D’Arcy may be released from prison this week (Lorna Siggins, Irish Times)

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Sam Boal/Photocall Ireland

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59 thoughts on “Freeing Margaretta

  1. phil

    When she is honored by some international body , then we will claim her as our own, bandwagon wont be ready till then …

  2. Rob_G


    She wasn’t “jailed… over her opposition to US military use of Shannon Airport”.

    She was jailed because she refused to abide by a court order

      1. Am I Still on This Island

        Her refusing to trespass on an active civilian runway, she and others can protest their cause without breaching airport security and endangering others

        1. Spartacus

          Is my recollection faulty? I don’t recall her being prosecuted for trespass, or for endangerment. Do you have better information to share?

          1. WhoAreYa

            I seem to recall she explicitly stated that there were no persons put at risk during her incursion nor was there much attempt to remove her, which had the opposite been the case, might have been indicative of imminent harm to herself and others.

          2. Am I Still on This Island

            Sorry “interfering with the proper use if a runway” was the charge

      1. Am I Still on This Island

        That can be achieved without running out on to a runway that carries civilian flights!

        1. Spartacus

          The duty ATC and the operations manager both gave testimony in court that there were no flights at the time of her runway incursion.

          1. smoothlikemurphys

            How kind of Margaretta to consult with ATC prior to her incursion onto said runway. She wasn’t to know wether or not there were flights, much less did she care.

          2. Spartacus

            It is a trivial matter to establish that information. I’m sure it wouldn’t be beyond you if you applied yourself.

    1. pedeyw

      Her sentence would have been suspended if she had signed a bond to remain lawful and not enter the airport unauthorised zone again. I’m not sure if that’s technically a court order. It seems like more of an offer to me but I’m not a barrister.

    2. cluster

      I don;t support her and I don’t object to her jailing BUT she clearly was imprisoned over her active ‘opposition to US military use of Shannon Airport’.

      1. Rob_G

        Being “jailed for two weeks… over her opposition to US military use of Shannon Airport” makes it sound like a person can be jailed for just holding those opinions; I think that the distinction is important.

          1. Rob_G

            No it wasn’t.

            Lots of people oppose the US military refueling at Shannon, but don’t trespass on runways, and don’t get jailed.

          2. Spartacus

            If distinctions are important, it must be pointed out that D’Arcy was *not* charged, prosecuted, or convicted of trespass. She was found guilty of “interfering with the proper use of an airport” under Shannon Airport Byelaws. Grasping at straws.

        1. WhoAreYa

          Seemingly they can.

          If you wish to argue the contrary lobby your TD to publicly state or otherwise table a question in the Dáil to ascertain why the official policy of neutrality here is being set aside.

          1. Banned of Censored, formerly Baggins, Diddy, Bag Of Censored

            Ireland is not neutral. Not in our constitution or in any law in any shape or form.

          2. Sam

            Incorrect. It is indeed Law that we cannot participate in war without the assent of the Dáil.

            And the Irish govt denies it is participating in this war and yet we contribute financially, logistically and with the support of our Gardai and Army.

            When the government takes the opposite policy to the facts, then they are breaking the law.

            No less than a High Court Judge said so. (Kearns, Nicholas, in Horgan v Ireland )

          3. Spartacus

            Gentlemen (?), you have both demonstrated your affinity for those facts admirably on previous occasions. However, you’re starting to get trigger happy and sloppy with it – premature ejaculation if you will.

            WhoAreYa used the term “official policy of neutrality”, nothing more or less.

  3. Banned of Censored, formerly Baggins, Diddy, Bag Of Censored

    I retract my previous comment and replace it with –

    Didn’t realise Bo Selecta was back on the telly.

  4. General Waste

    Refusing food for the people of Gaza but like the rest of the far left anti-war lot not a murmur about the 100,000s of Muslims including Palestinian refugees slaughtered by Assad and various Jihadis in Syria. Doesn’t fit the anti- American narrative.

      1. General Waste

        How is the murder of Palestinian refugees in Syria a straw man? Seems that any issue the left don’t want to discuss is a so-called straw man. The plight of Palestinians forced from Palestine by Israel into the almost equally unfriendly hands of their brother Arabs is highly relevant.

        Journalist Jason Walsh wrote a great piece about the Irish support for the Palestinians –

        1. WhoAreYa

          What sort of purpose is served by demagoguery and attack on those with whom you personally disagree? However good job at trying to distract us from the real issues Margeretta raises.

        2. WhoAreYa

          I didn’t find that article particularly ‘great’ either. The author quotes a few disputed and isolated incidents of anti-Semitism and makes reference to being ‘Protestant’ and ‘Catholic’ as metaphors for pro-and anti-Semitism generally, totally unreferenced. The article is lazy and boring. If you wish to educate yourself on the alternative viewpoint to the state-sponsored Israel media communications network try reading here and refuting some of the points made…

      2. Am I Still on This Island

        She claims to be a peace protestor but supports militant republicanism on NI and refuses to honour a minutes silence for a murdered policeman in 2012!

        1. WhoAreYa

          So what? Are you saying you’ve never had a pair of seemingly contradictory views on anything?

          How I would love to emulate your mental strength and apparently superhuman morality.

          1. Am I Still on This Island

            No I saying being a peace protestor while promoting violence elsewhere means you are not a peace protestor,

          2. WhoAreYa


            Country A: I support the armed struggle, I am not a ‘peace protester’ here.

            Country B: I do not support armed struggle; I am a ‘peace protester’ here.

            How difficult that is to understand?

            Answer the question: have you never had too seemingly opposing thoughts in your head simultaneously? One all you can manage at a time?

          3. WhoAreYa


            Country A: I support the armed struggle, I am not a ‘peace protester’ here.

            Country B: I do not support armed struggle; I am a ‘peace protester’ here.

            How difficult that is to understand?

            Answer the question: have you never had two seemingly opposing thoughts in your head simultaneously? One all you can manage at a time?

    1. steve white

      you do realise america backed Assad up until recently, maybe they don’t want to allow the US military to pass through Shannon at all so they never have partake in the US grand game playing which usually results in disaster.

  5. bisted

    …I see a full turnout of the usual suspects venting their spleen on an 80 year old…great bunch of lads.

    1. WhoAreYa

      It’s not hard to take their arguments recycled from the likes of the Daily Telegraph and Fox News apart though!

    2. Llareggub

      She really has the courage of her convictions. If only they could see the bigger picture.

      1. Am I Still on This Island

        The bigger picture where she supports violence and conflict in Northern island but objects to any American conflict??

        1. Sam

          Apart from objecting to a minutes silence for an RUC man on the grounds that it hadn’t been put to a vote where is your evidence that she supports violence in Northern Ireland?

  6. Parochial Central

    Aosdana, ah yes. A fellow traveller of that other paragon of balanced debate, Raymond Dean.

    Is this person in receipt of the cnuas while she protests and is in jail because of her own contempt for the court? ” a brutal bombing campaign by Israel”.” – why not a protest against ISIS slaughtering their way across Iraq? Or against Google removing search results? Or against the decision against Garth Brooks?

    Oh, right. Wrong agenda for a woman with little else to do but waste the State’s time and dye her dreadlocks orange (surely that’s sectarian?).

    Silly cnut, I mean cnuas.

    1. Spartacus

      I make that a total of eight strawmen in one post. That’s some kind of record, surely? You should get a medal for that one – a miraculous medal at the very least.

      1. WhoAreYa

        He’s right about Garth Brooks though, we should all protest this atrocity so that it may never even be contemplated let alone come close to happening again.

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