29 thoughts on “Make You Boil

      1. George Loves Pies

        Hows that a leap in logic ? more a very reasonable possibility.

        Had see gone and investigated, found that it was badly parked and not an accident should could have asked for it to be moved, much more helpful than just twittering it.

        Much like if you had looked up unhelpful tool in the dictionary before you posted your comment you would and seen a picture of your mother with her idiot bother mounting her and much to societys burden we are left with you , their moronic offspring, and we wouldnt have to put up with your bon mots.

  1. Clampers Outside!

    Em… a boiler call out is normally an emergency.

    Be neighbourly, understand, and go around ffs…. unless you can see the driver in the neighbours front garden sunning himself in his speedos of course.

    1. ha

      What if you were :

      Carrying something
      Pushing a pram
      Wheeling a bike
      Wishing to use the footpath as you were entitled to?

      Driver should lose their license.

      1. Iseult

        There was no emergency or crash! Just someone getting their house done up. Plenty of room to park properly.

    2. Finternet

      No emergency, just 5 houses on the road getting their kitchens done up, and plenty of parking spaces lying around on the road.

          1. Bacchus

            Clampers is right…. some posters just think of stuff and then it becomes their reality. I have an elderly aunt like that…. big FF supporter.

        1. Finternet

          Difficult to say but from the pic it seems there is one right across the road underneath the signpost. There is also parking available in the community centre at the top of the road all day every day.

          1. Clampers Outside!

            Yes, a tradesmen would be wise to park his van, possibly full of tools, a ways up the road and out of sight (or ‘site’, if you will) in the community centre…

            I ain’t budging :)

          2. Anne

            Over here honey.. muahh xxxx

            The ‘No Solutions’ thread I think.
            Sorry Clampers, just messin’, again. :)

      1. ahyeah

        There you go again, Anne, with your freewheeling objectification of men. (Can we have some more photos of erections to please Anne, please?)

  2. Eoghany

    If van man is unloading a big heavy boiler, or a load of tools, a generator, whatever, allow a little bit of space and understanding for the guy to make his job a little bit easier, instead of making him park 100 yards down the road and having to lug all his gear in.

    (It’s not on though, if that’s where he’s decided to park for the whole day).

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