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Yesterday morning.

Aibhín Bray writes:

Bentley taking up four parking spaces in the Radisson Blu [Dublin]. Bullying the BMW into 2 spaces 😜

Ah here

This afternoon.

Atticus writes:

Mrs A (middle car) parked up in the parent and child spot in the Lidl car park at Newlands Cross [Dublin 22]…Returned to find  two space invaders either side of her. So much for getting a bit of extra room!

Last night.

Fairview, Dublin 3.

Ailish Lally writes:

Great parking by [Independent TD] Mick Wallace –  He was in the local shop across the road – managed double yellow lines & almost entire footpath...

…That area is treated like a car park & I wanted to use this as a high-level example in the hopes it will contribute to a solution :-)