Meanwhile, At The Special Criminal Court



This afternoon

Laura writes:

“Father of the late Roy Collins, Steve, and his wife Carmel, and their family (from left) sons Ryan and Steve Jnr, and daughter Leanne after Wayne Dundon and Nathan Killeen were found guilty of their son’s murder in Limerick in 2009. The two received life sentences.”

Dundon, Killeen found guilty of Roy Collins murder (RTE)

(Laura Hutton/Photocall ireland)

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33 thoughts on “Meanwhile, At The Special Criminal Court

  1. Haroo

    I don’t think they will ever get closure from this. They are obsessed with publicity about it. All the crime corrs have the dad’s number.

      1. Mick Flavin

        Haroo has form in dropping turds into comment threads and then staying out of it while we all complain about the smell…

    1. Llareggub

      I agree with your first sentence Haroo. It would be impossible to get closure from something as horrific as this. Closure is such an Americanism. Someone cold-bloodedly kills your son – there can never ever be closure. Justice maybe but that’s different.

      I don’t know how you can qualify the next two sentences of your comment?

    2. Freddie

      Haroo, considering they stood up to some of biggest scumbags this country has ever seen, paid the ultimate price, then stood up to them again…media attention is inevitable. To say that they are “obsessed with publicity” is retarded in fairness.

      1. Llareggub

        From a Dr Seuss rhyme

        FATHER MOTHER SISTER BROTHER That one is my other brother.
        My brothers read a little bit.
        Little words like If and it.
        My father can read big words, too.

    1. Llareggub

      Ah c’mon Haroo, I know you can do it, play the wordy game. It’s good fun. Clampers will help.

    1. Violet

      I’ve seen you fingering a Labrador with your mother’s knickers on your head. Or else I’m making unfounded assertions on the internet like a dick.

    1. Mick Flavin

      So the real story behind the murder of a man and the subsequent conviction of his murderers is a supposed taste for the limelight acquired by the dead man’s family?

      You have to be trolling here. If you’re not, I’ll spring for a carbon monoxide detector for your bedsit, you poor ould divil you.

    1. Isthepopeacatlick

      Look at that family attention seeking outside their sons murder trial. You’d never see King Haroo doing that.

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