Dream A Little Team For Me



With germany home and away tops on offer, we asked YOU to to pick the best team containing only players from teams competing in World Cup 2014.

You replied in your dozens.

But two sides have emerged.

Lahm, Hummels, Blind
Muller, Pirlo, Vidal, Robben
Rodriguez, Messi

(Trev c)

Lahm, Hummels, Garay, Ghoulam
Kroos, Mascherano, Schweinesteiger
Robben, Muller, Di Maria

(Damo C)

Which side would WIN a hypothetical match? Damo’s defensive caution or Trev’s midfield flair?

And who will win the very real jerseys?

Only YOU can Decide.

Lines MUST close at 4.30pm

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45 thoughts on “Dream A Little Team For Me

    1. Cryztalizer

      Cyztalizer believez Pirlo had a poor World Cup (with the exception of the England game)

      having him in the bezt XI angerz Cryztalizer

  1. rugbyfan

    seeing a the level of interest in responding to this post is thin I say call it a draw and send the
    jerseys up to some kids in Crumlin hospital!

  2. WhoAreYa

    Damo’s team is much better balanced though it has the less-heralded players

    Playing four top strikers in one team (the other guy) is top heavy which would result in them getting in each other’s way constantly and complaining about not getting the ball, plus no-one to tackle back when possession is lost.

      1. Domestos

        Actually, I’ve changed my mind. Trev’s team, but I wouldn’t have Pirlo or Messi in there. Put an Algerian midfielder in there for me instead of Pirlo.

  3. Mark

    Lahm, Hummels, Blind, Kuyt
    Mascherano, Schweinesteiger
    Rodriguez, robben, Messi


    I want a Spanish football jersey or a Barcelona football jersey.
    I want to be Xavi or Iniesta, I don’t want to be Kroos or Khedira.
    I don’t want to be Bayern Munich, I want to be Barcelona.

  5. Conor B

    Damo C

    Touch of the Graham Tayors about Trev’s team, picking players first then slotting them into positions. It’d get overrun in midfield. Trev’s Mascherano would get sent off for constantly fouling Damo’s Mascherano.

    1. Go on my son

      Mascherano the best DM in the tournament with Vidal the best box to box mid in the world and Pirlo the genius who is always four steps ahead ain’t gona get taken easily

  6. Champione

    Damo C winner for me, the other lad is trying to sneak as many strikers as possible

    Bring back Paul Warhurst & Dion Dublin why don’t you :-)

  7. Papa P

    As its hypothetical and we can’t actually see it take place then I’ll assume some kind of Schrodingers Cat logic whereby both teams are drawing, losing and winning at the same time.

    No smart arse answers?
    Then Trev C.

  8. Bejayziz

    Damo all the way although i’d personally swap Di Maria with Rodriguez or a less bitey Suarez

  9. Spud

    Firstly, I dont understand me not winning with my team of G. Breens…
    but I don’t think any team with Messi deserves to win.

  10. Papa P

    What are we deciding here?

    Who (out of the two lads) wins the two jerseys?
    Who (out of the comments above) wins a jersey?

    I’m more confused that the time Who was on first base.

  11. rotide

    The world cup proved that overly defensive teams suffered, so its Trev all the way for me

  12. Kieran

    Trev c’s back 3 would get battered with protection from Robin and Muller!!!. Damo’s is the better balanced and therefore gets my vote.

  13. martco

    you’re all kidding yourselves there….sorry Damo C it has to be Trev C’s outfit…..I’d say a fairly handy 3-0 margin as well
    Trev C’s defence looks rock solid there. Pirlo is on form, his smarts will deliver the game on a plate. Messi is tired but that won’t matter because Mr. Pirlo will feed James Rodriguez and Muller, Robben will run that Damo C defence into the ground and also nail one

    3-0 to Trev C

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