Sitting Comfortably?


Design drawings from a patent filed by Airbus last month for a new ‘pack-em-in’ bicycle-style seat for short haul (sub 3-hour) flights.

The idea for vertical seating was first touted by Airbus in 2003. Ryanair has been promoting it since 2010.

Airbus Want To Patent The Most Uncomfortable Plane Seats Ever (Washington Post)


38 thoughts on “Sitting Comfortably?

      1. Banned of Censored, formerly Baggins, Diddy, Bag Of Censored

        You have to love people who name drop Kafka or Dostoyevsky as though it’s casual light reading “oh you haven’t read it, oh my you really ought to, quite the ripping read”

        1. Llareggub

          No need for insults. Should I dumb down to make you feel better about yourself? Kafka is not that ‘out there’. Try expanding your mind perhaps.

          1. Banned of Censored, formerly Baggins, Diddy, Bag Of Censored

            No need. I’m familiar with his work. I don’t brag about it or carry a copy of any of his books with me so people can see how clever and deep I am. Not do I name drop him on an entertainment website.

          2. Llareggub

            Nobody here knows me. I am not interested in what people think of me. I made a comment as I am entitled to do.

          3. cluster

            There are reasons to engage with art other than to prove ‘how clever and deep’ one is. Kafka is a well-known author and ‘In the Penal Colony’ a well-known story. Joy Division named a story after it for example.

            Luckily, it seems that I haven’t needed to pretend that I am any more ill-educated than I actually am and have been able to maintain my natural register on this ‘entertainment’ website. While we are at it, am I allowed mention Joy Division or is that bragging?

        2. WhoAreYa

          You do have to love them. They probably find it hard to find love and turn to reading hard books.

          1. Llareggub

            Plenty of love in my life, thanks for your concern. People in love can also be readers.

          2. cluster

            I’m not particularly cultured but the idea that only those who can’t find ‘love’ engage with ‘hard books’ is pure, childish ignorance. Amplified by the misguided pride you seem to have about it.

          3. Janet

            That’s because centipede makes people run to get sick…. you’re right about the inspiration though…I am never getting in that plane

  1. Banned of Censored, formerly Baggins, Diddy, Bag Of Censored

    Sit like that for two hours for a dirt cheap flight? Yeah I would. More passengers means cheaper flight.

    1. Ponce Location services

      You’d be there reading your Dostoyevsky novel upside down, big snarky grin on yer face, bits of peanuts stuck in yer teeth.

    2. scottser

      if o’leary gets his way there’ll be an oar in front of each seat and the stewardesses will have a large whip and a huge drum.
      enjoy those cheap flights!

    1. DaithiG

      According to various religious institutions, that, as well as blindness and hairy palms, is the result of too much masturbation.

  2. Malta

    For the sake of pedantry, the patent was filed last year, but published last month. In general, patent alarms are confidential for the first 18 months.

  3. pissedasanewt

    If I had to sit with arms in that position for 3 hours i’d start by not booking with any airline using that kind of seating, even if it was 99c to fly Spain, Germany etc..

  4. Mani

    Missing from the drawing are the feeding tubes and rectal tubes which will deliver a protein rich mulch (Pringles cheese n onion flavour) and filter your waste away at the same time. For economic reasons the tubes will be linked so priority seating for the front row will be at an absolute premium.

    1. WhoAreYa

      Hydroponics would be better on an airplane surely? Brandy in the mulch though if I may add.

  5. DaveM

    So instead of some brat kicking the back of your chair they would be kicking you in the spine and projectile vomiting on your back.Great.

  6. DaveM

    And what if you were to order a black coffee,a pizza hotpocket and a toasted muffin all at the same time?
    you could end up with third degree burns on your fundamentals.

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