Anything Good On BBC News At Ten?



Fergal Keane reported from Cork on Bessborough House run by the Sacred Heart Sisters and Sister Sarto.

No mention of Garth.

International reputation intact.

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17 thoughts on “Anything Good On BBC News At Ten?

  1. ABM

    “23,000 born”. As opposed to 200,000 unborn each year in the UK?

    Throw in Jimmy Saville, Westminister MPs and their penchant for little boys (oh and a few room loads of disappearing files) and you’ll see that post-feminist British society was far worse than any Irish diocese ruled by the most incompetent of bishops. One wonders what dark secrets about today’s so-called liberated society are ahead of us. Eventually, it will be politically expedient to look back on 2014 with a holier-than-thou disdain.

      1. ABM

        Lawyers promising these people Lotto-sized payouts makes the suffering worse, not better. All these newly established “survivor” groups seem to pop up like mushrooms when there’s any whiff of a payday. Was there no need for these groups prior to the lawyers identifying a new market?

        1. Sam

          So, still nothing to say about the actual harm done to them. Well done. You’ve earned your apologist stripes.

        2. Clampers Outside!

          “Was there no need for these groups prior to the lawyers identifying a new market?”

          That caused me some nausea, to think that you just believe people who were abused and have been psychologically damaged are only coming out now with only a motivation for money.

          You sick, sick, sick little neanderthal.

          1. WhoAreYa

            Yawn. He represents a minority view. It’s uh much “better” to have him vent his spleen on here than by raping young fellas

    1. ahyeah

      “the most incompetent of bishops”?

      Was that really what it was? Just incompetency? That’s a pretty benign way of looking at things.

    2. Clampers Outside!

      Here we go again. ABM benchmarking abuse of children by saying someone else was worse. The aul look at them isn’t it terrible to distract from the RCCs abuse and its refusal to do anything remotely satisfactory for its victims.

      You’re a sick little neanderthal, truly sick.

  2. mauriac

    I wish the concerned people would put some money into a children’s charity rather than the stupid piles of stuffed animals.ironically its probably a subconscious parody of the catholic offering in mass.

    1. L'esprit de l'escalier

      go on, buy a bear, show you care. nice stuffed animals paying for retiring stuFFed animals, much better.

  3. andyourpointiswhatexactly

    I used to live up the road from Fergal Keane when he was a teenager, not a stone’s throw (well, maybe more than a stone’s throw) from Bessborough.
    His portentous all-about-me-really reporting style REALLY irritates me.

    1. ahyeah

      After the Garth Brooks debacle, I think our international reputation is truly in the shit. Even Louis Walsh said so. We’re untouchable now.

  4. Nobbley

    We are at it again as a society, only outsourced to the private sector now, not the religious. Direct Provision stinks of abuse and degradation and worse

    1. Kieran NYC


      We’ll be wringing our hands at this issue in 20 and everyone will be pretending they had no idea what was going on.

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