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The cost of Brexit.

Norman Smith [News assistant political editor at the BBC] tweetz:

That Treasury equation “proving” Brexit wd cost £4300 per household



Kamal Ahmed last night reported from Dublin on Ireland’s corporate tax regime.

No longer do we see old fellas in flat caps on stools suppin’ pints of stout, with an uilleann pipe soundtrack.

It’s all tax avoidance and Bono.


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Fergal Keane reported from Cork on Bessborough House run by the Sacred Heart Sisters and Sister Sarto.

No mention of Garth.

International reputation intact.

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RTÉ’s Tommie Gorman is seen getting wired for sound as BBC News 24 broadcast live outside Antrim PSNI station.

Later Tommie returns with tay with not a single fupp given.


Panti is featuring on BBC News today.

Anne-Marie Tomchak gave the background earlier.



#BBCtrending: Panti Bliss homophobia speech goes viral (Cordelia Hebblethwaite, BBC News)

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