24 thoughts on “Awesome Notes

  1. huppenstop

    I will sound like a total killjoy, but I hate the seemingly unstoppable adoption of the word “awesome” by people in Ireland and the UK. His Text From Dog tweets were funny though, usually. And I like his drawings.

    1. ZeligIsJaded

      You don’t sound like a kill-joy.

      You sound like someone who hates people that use words.

      Which is worse!

    2. Undertow

      I just couldn’t agree more. My toes curl everytime someone says it here. It sounds so forced.

    3. Caroline

      Except that in this case the cat character is clearly supposed to sound like an American motivational coach.

      How can you be worried about the use of awesome when, every day, up and down the country, people are needlessly beginning sentences with the word “So”?

      1. Drogg

        Clampers, that is a very popular song in my household. Where also big fans of a popular band and where is my pants.

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