Garth Blocks


Cathal Gillen writes:

We like most people are sick to death hearing about Garth Brooks so we decided to do something about it. We created a Chrome plugin called “Garth Blocks” which removes mentions of his majesty from the internet and your newsfeed. Some more info here including the link to download the plugin in the Chrome web store

(pic: quickmeme)


7 thoughts on “Garth Blocks

  1. Mister Mister

    What a fupping circus.

    I thought the City Manager said he would contest a review ?

    1. Caroline

      What will happen if the judge throws it out? Will Garth turn up outside her window holding up a boombox?

      1. WhoAreYa

        It will never happen, it would be literally throwing good money after bad, just a tactic to make it look like Keegan is a bad man if he opposes it.

        Several of the parties are already on record as saying that Keegan’s decision was lawful => no case for judicial review.

        1. Caroline

          But they now supposedly have an agreement that he won’t oppose it, which is pointless unless they go ahead with it (and still pretty much useless even if they do rock up to court unopposed).

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