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How many?

Tara O’Brien writes:

“On RTÉ Two television the 56 live games averaged 335,300 per match which represents a 28% increase on the viewing figures for the 2010 World Cup in South Africa. The Final itself which saw Germany beat Argentina after extra time attracted an average audience of 857,000 viewers, up 13% on 2010.
…Engagement via online and mobile was at an all-time high throughout the World Cup, with 2.5m streams in total across RTÉ Player and RTÉ.ie, compared to 700,000 for the World Cup in 2010, and 950,000 for Euro 2012. With three and a half times as many streams during WC 2014, more than one in three of these streams were on a mobile or tablet device. During the World Cup, the tournament accounted for more than half of all views on RTÉ Player.”

20 thoughts on “Ireland On The Couch

  1. Zynks

    I watched 62 of the 64 matches, all streamed (allowing to watch 2 matches at the same time) and none on RTE – I can’t stand the commentators, find them too negative. BBC and UTV did a great job.

    1. munkifisht

      BBC and ITV are the most sanitised shite presenters on the planet. No controversy, always on the fence, never call a spade a spade when a match is pure cat and the commentators in general have about as much insight as the pope on sex before marriage.

      1. Mikeyfex

        “never call a spade a spade when a match is pure cat”

        I remember an interview with either George Hamilton or Bill O’Herlihy (I think it was Billo but i’m not sure if he ever commentated) about when they first started out in commentary. He was commentating a particularly boring game and before the second half started the producer said to him that it may be shite but at least make it sound like you’re enjoying it, or get across the feeling that it might get good.

        I’d imagine all those beeb guys have gone through training where they’re instructed to have that attitude, and that coupled with not wanting to offend their various interests makes them a very boring watch indeed. I’d rather see them state that it’s crap – if the football’s not entertaining then find another way.

        1. munkifisht

          Exactly. Sometimes the best thing about something bad is the critical slating it gets. It’s the same reason people enjoy reading one star reviews.

        2. WhyNot

          Neither. The Beeb has a public service remit and their content is tailored for all ages audiences. Unlike here the media do subject the presenters to ongoing scrutiny and recently Phil Neville for example was subject to many complaints from members of the public. Dunphy and Giles may be occasionally entertaining but they pride themselves on being ignorant of modern trends in coaching ( Giles ) and of being controversial for the sake of it ( Dunphy). Fine for a non knowledgeable audience I suppose but I find it wearing. On the other hand Didi Hamann was a very good analyst, while on BBC Henry really shone above the others. If you want to see Lineker for example give an in depth appraisal many of his online clips did just that with analysis to match anything I saw elsewhere. And if you must have badger-baiting oneupmanship a la Dunphy, there is always Joey Barton on Twitter.

    2. Pablo

      I’ll give you that BBC have something to offer (not the punditry, but the commentating) but I can’t see how you thought itv did a good job. Pure rubbish.

  2. Advertising On Police Cars

    I watched loads of games just to reinforce and prove my belief that Soccer is over rated, over exposed and ultimately requires each game to be only 10 minutes long.

    1. Bacchus

      I saw about 7 minutes of the entire world cup while waiting in a chipper. Diving, handball, a guy fouled in the air, another player had his legs taken out from under him. Anyone who thinks that’s a “beautiful game” should try Optrex.

      1. Bill

        Well arn’t you’s just mad!!!!..I watch 90% of the world cup and enjoyed it very much!! I guess its what ever your into!

      2. JAMS

        That sounds like a mad chipper. There’s never any diving in mine. A few punches thrown outside on a Saturday night maybe but never any fellas being fouled in the air etc…Where is it?

  3. Clampers Outside!

    *throws pen*

    Feckin’ couch potatoes Bill, it was alright for a while them spuds takin’ up the good half of the sofa, but the second half Bill ?! It’s lost it’s bounce, there’s no momentum Bill, none, a joke Bill ! Not worth the money !

    *rolls eyes, throws another pen*

  4. Noel

    And no coverage of St. Pats draw in Warsaw, Sligo Rovers win at Rosenberg, or Derry city’s & Dundalks defeats this week.

  5. bisted

    ….I saw 0-64 matches and did my best to avoid any coverage but I could probably still answer questions on Mastermind with World Cup 2014 as a specialist subject….damn you Ossy(mosis).

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