Saving Kilkenny



A red line runs through it.

Darragh Byrne writes:

“A video I made for the #savekilkenny Protest against a new bridge being built. The people of Kilkenny are getting ready to put their bodies in front of a piledriver and get arrested. This is a protest of pensioners and mothers, rich and not so rich, locals and blow-ins but each of them ready to sacrifice their freedom to protect the beauty of Kilkenny….”



Kilkenny gardaí ‘escort pile-driving equipment at 4am’ despite residents protests (BreakingNews)

Pic via Kilkenny Weather


Kilkenny Central Access Scheme (top): a synposis

By Des Doyle

1. The CAS route [see top pic] will involve the construction of a 4.5km road and bridge across the River Nore, through the most historic and archaeologically sensitive area of the city.

2. The road was given planning permission by An Bord Pleanala in 2009 despite objections by all national heritage bodies including the Heritage Council, the Royal Society of Antiquaries, An Taisce and Kilkenny Archaeological Society.

3. To date, a local campaign group opposed to the construction of the road have collected nearly 7,000 signatures from people within the city who are against the scheme. An estimated 1,000 people took to the streets in Kilkenny in September of last year to protest against the road.

4. A complaint in relation to alleged deficits in the EIS undertaken for the scheme by Kilkenny County Council is currently being considered by the Environment Directorate of the EU Commission.

5. All three houses due for demolition are listed on the Record of Monuments and Places. Number 20 is listed on the National Inventory of Architectural Heritage. The terrace sits within the St Canice’s Area of Conservation and within a designated Area of Archaeological Potential.

6. An Taisce have made a formal request to the Minister for the Arts, Heritage & the Gaeltacht for the designation of the buildings due for demolition as National Monuments under the relevant legislation. The body is currently awaiting a response.

7. Construction began in June and was halted by the presence of an the Save KIlkenny Group who have formed a cohesive group since the beginnings of works at the site on both sides of the river. The group comprises 150 protestors plus extra public attendees and to date have successfully repelled the majority of deliveries of materials and work activity at the site. Their presence has been a coordinated presence 24 hours a day at the site since the beginning of works.

8. There is a Council Meeting on Monday  next at which Green Party local Councillor Malcolm Noonan has tabled a motion for review of CAS & discovery of detail relating to contract.

9. This needs a vote of 13 councillors to stop work on the site Pending review. Currently 9 councillors (Green, Labour, Sinn Fein and two Fianna Fail) have declared that they will vote for a review. The remainder will vote no, abstain or vote yes.

10. FIGHT!

(Kilkenny Archaeological Project)

Thanks Padraig O’Ceallaigh

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32 thoughts on “Saving Kilkenny

  1. deliverancecountry

    What’s wrong with the ring-road? What reason could they possibly have for trundling traffic through here?
    A decent carpark and a shuttle bus system would open up the city for pedestrians, tourists and shopkeepers alike.

    1. Bobby

      At a guess would someone involved in the decision making be connected to a construction company that needs the work?

    1. Everybody

      Not Phil Hogan,

      Joe Crockett and Kieran Fitzgerald the city engineers.

      Lets see which one is put on the board of a company in charge of developing the land the new road opens up to the developers ………………………

    1. smoothlikemurphys

      I’d imagine, in a similar vein to those protesting at water meter installations, that the equipment needs to be escorted to the site due to the issue of protestors preventing it from happening any other way?

  2. Nick

    KK councilors should be ashamed of themselves. How disrespectful of them to treat their citizens like this. As for the mayor…. WHERE IS HE HIDING? Another kick in the teeth. 10,000 signatures against this bridge, you are a bunch of cowards to let this happen.

  3. tomkildare

    make driving around the city easier. lets commerce of the city better. its called progress. Stop there wooly unemployed gobsh**s stop propress

    1. Planet of the Missing Biros

      Yeah life is all about a small amount of people making loads of dosh.

    2. Deirdre

      A pretty ignorant thing to say. So unemployed people have no rights to free speech and peaceful protest? I’m a teacher, in full employment (summer included), and have been on the marches, to the council chamber, signed the petition, and walked the picket line. Formulate an actual argument to contribute to a real debate; don’t resort to redundant, insulting debasement of ordinary, decent people.

  4. Davwal

    Im all for progress, but only if people want it. 10,000 signatures against this bridge, means they dont want it, but whats worrying is that these people are disregarded.

    Councils are supposed to be serving the people, not the other way around.

  5. Khanfred

    Progress and improving traffic flow around the city would be achieved more effectively by completing the ring road. As Kilkenny is significantly dependent on tourism for income, making the city less attractive to tourists is likely to result in less commerce i.e. unemployment. This is a case of the wrong (and expensive) infrastructure in the wrong place. When other cities are trying to divert traffic from their commercial centres, the CAS will bring heavy goods traffic into the medieval heart of the city and into residential areas. Completing the CAS is throwing good money after bad – the rationale always appeared to be that since so much money and effort had gone into it, it should continue. Approval has now been given (subject to appeal) for the completion of the ring road, so scarce resources should be diverted to that project now, rather than wasting further resources on CAS.

  6. Paddy

    Tom Kildare, you obviously have no idea about the level disgust shared by a whole cross section of kilkenny residents regarding this ludicrous plan to run a major road through one of the most archaeologically sensitive ares of this heritage city. I have met a fabulous bunch of people- academics, business people, civil servants, and yes also unemployed people- and retired people. Frankly, this is not a bunch of Luddites not interested In Progress – we’re passionate about our beautiful city and it’s future not just it’s past. Why would any modern European heritage city run a road which will carry serious HGV traffic through the heart of the ‘medieval mile’ ?! It’s insane . We need a finished ring road and a least two new schools on the old mart site to take morning volume off existing ‘quaint’ bridges. Please get informed about this : this is our nations patrimony also. UNESCO NOT TESCO!!

  7. Brian

    I’m one of the many people outraged by the Central Access Scheme (CAS). I’m a Kilkenny native but based in Dublin. I have felt frustrated by not being able to join the ‘on-the-ground’ troops who are protesting and camping out at the CAS site, but I’m inspired by their efforts and keen to do my bit.

    I figure there might be people in a similar position who live and work in Dublin and would like to help the cause as well. If you are one of these people and would like to get involved, pop your details in the link below and we’ll generate awareness in the capital. You might know others who would like to get involved so please send them this link also.

    @Broadsheet – feel free to post on the main article:

  8. Mister Mister

    Mention something like that Garth Brooks is not happy about this new bridge.

    You’ll have every gombeen in each political party clambering to pass emergency legislation to stop the build.

  9. WhyNot

    You lost me with UNESCO. Yesterday Tesco had special offers on onions, chilis, organic garlic and potatoes. Discounted green beans and chicken too. What special offers do UNESCO have on at the minute and will you be able to drive to their shop with your proposed ring road?

    1. Planet of the Missing Biros

      Oh great, even more farmers being screwed on price to provide lame ass shoppers with cheaper and cheaper veg, half of which will go off before they get back to their house.

      1. Mister Mister

        Lol. Lame ass shoppers, that’s everyone in the country.

        Unless you’ve managed to find a way to live on fresh air. Have you, HAVE YOU ???

        1. All the good ones fly south for winter

          I never thought you’d be an shopper because consuming is so cliched.

  10. Adrian Shanahan

    A new bridge will provide the opportunity to restore Green’s Bridge back to it’s original condition with beautiful stone parapets without the ugly steel addition and hopefully without the services strapped onto it’s side. The reduction in traffic would open up greens bridge to be the safe pedestrian link to future upstream walkways on the eastern side of the river. The CAS gives the opportunity to concentrate the future developments within the central area and enhance the development of the heritage area north of Johns Street and tie in with the redevelopment of Evan’s buildings and the old library to create a pedestrian and cycle friendly centre connected to the western central area, including the redeveloped brewery site, by the new foot bridge and enhanced pedestrian access across the new bridge.

  11. ceo

    The arguments against seem convincing and fair play to people sticking up for their plight etc…. but am I the only one that thought the video was just a tad over the top?

  12. Pedant

    As I understand it the road is required to service the giant, and now abandoned site that is Smithwick’s brewery. With out the road the site cannot be redeveloped leaving about 1/4 of central Kilkenny vacant.

  13. Iain Mullen

    This scheme was drawn up nearly 30yrs ago when the answer to any traffic issue was to put a road through. Already on the books, it became a no brainer when HGV traffic became a menace in the West City particularly – a plan is there lets do it, no further investigation needed. A fait accompli even; but modern thought on Planning, Traffic Management, Sustainability & Heritage is more sophisticated.
    We have a nearly complete Ring Road for instance; could its completion not be sought?
    Surely a newer wider road & bridge will actually attract traffic through the already congested approach roads?
    Where does this new road go? To the site of the Old Mart which is once again advertised for sale as of this morning – Friday July 18.
    Acting County CEO is on record as saying the new bridge is for new Public Transport ‘if and when it comes’.
    The pros of the bridge consist of ifs and possiblys, there is no declared development dependent on this scheme.
    Our protest is requesting a postponement and review, not too much to ask of a democratically elected Council surely?
    If anybody wishes to follow the protest online then #savekilkenny on Twitter & Facebook will keep you updated

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