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Rude boys especially.

Interskalactic at this Summer’s Body & Soul festival.

Rónán O’Neill writes:

“Interskalactic are a 10-piece band performing first wave, old-school, big band Jamaican Ska. We opened up the Main Stage on the Saturday of this year’s Body & Soul, managed to have great craic, get people up and dancing and also get the whole thing recorded in the process! Hope some people get a buzz out of the video. We’ve a pretty busy schedule for the rest of the year too, so if anyone’s digging the tunes they can check out some tracks and our upcoming schedule on Facebook / Twitter / Soundcloud, Cheers!”

13 thoughts on “You May Like This

  1. Mister Mister

    You can’t beat a bit of Ska.

    Back when they used to have the club in the Gaiety there’d regularly be a ska band playing in one of the rooms, they were awesome.

        1. Mister Mister

          Jaysus, yeah. Trying to find your way back from the jacks to where you left from was often an impossible task.

  2. scottser

    that was most enjoyable, i must dust off the docs, take out the harrington and give it a proper stomp later.

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