58 thoughts on “Ham Ass

    1. Bejayziz

      I wish everyone spouting their anti Israeli vitriol would take the same advice and stick to whatever their expertise is unless their expertise is modern history and politics in the Levant

      1. Dick

        if that’s your advice to everyone else, then shut your hole about anything that isn’t directly related to your own field of work/study/unemployment, if neither of the preceding.

      2. scottser

        cool – i have an honours degree in history, so that qualifies my disgust at israeli tactics then.

  1. CousinJack

    He’s right Israeli can’t win support by military action, but they should have learnt that a long time ago.

  2. Ben Zona

    What’s inaccurate about what he’s said? Absolutely nothing. He’s not even promoting one side or the other.

  3. realPolithicks

    How about saying something positive about something every once in a while. Please.

    1. Helen

      I can’t wait for the National Gallery to open after its refurbishment. There. Positive.

  4. Bejayziz

    He’s dead right in what he said….Hamas know this and use it to their advantage to the detriment of innocent Israeli’s and Palestinians, the sooner people realise that Hamas are absolute scum the better

    1. Nigel

      Everyone knows Hamas are scum. Knowing they are scum is not the problem. Empowering scum through counterproductive military actions with horrifically high civilian casualties is the problem.

    2. munkifisht

      Hamas are scum, equally Israel’s the same. They are now actively targeting civilians. The death toll is now 518 Palestinians, almost 100 of those children, while Israel has lost 18 soldiers and 2 citizens.

  5. ahyeah

    In fairness, though, this is George Hook. Nothing he says should be listened to, never mind considered. The truth is: George very likely doesn’t actually know what that even means – and I’d bet that’s something he overheard earlier today and thought it sounded clever. And that’s probably not exactly what the other person said either. I know the man. He’s a dope.

  6. doloads

    Don’t forget we’re talking about the man who once said, live on air, “Let’s just call a spade a spade” while discussing what the politically correct term for a non-national was.

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