Dollyer Parting


1405781790_BeachDollymount Strand, Co Dublin: No cars, dogging no kite-surfing

“There is increasing use of the beach due in part to recreational activities such as kite surfing, a sport which has increased in popularity because of the conditions in Dublin Bay which make it an excellent venue for this particular sport,
Recently there was an incident on the beach where a car which was stuck in the sand led to a woman being injured.
Due to the haphazard nature of parking, emergency vehicles had difficulty attending to the incident and the gardai subsequently advised that the cars should no longer be permitted onto the beach.
“This was the culmination of a number of incidents where the 24-hour access to the beach from the causeway has resulted in serious anti-social activity and concern for public safety.”

A Dublin City Council spokeswoman

Anger over beach parking decision (Pat O’Rourke, Dublin People)

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14 thoughts on “Dollyer Parting

  1. scottser

    what a shame, everyone i know had their first driving lessons on dollyer strand. i’d say most dubliners’ first shot at a roundabout or learning to go up and down gears, reverse etc. would have been on the approach road.
    i’m feeling old and nostalgic right now. give us a minute..

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