20 thoughts on “How Much?

  1. Horselover Bat

    Donnybrook fair have been ripping people off for years. I’m assuming they over charge to keep the riff-raff away.

  2. Hole in the Wall

    I bought a packet of pine nuts in Donnybrook Fair last week. There was no shelf edge label to warn me of the price. ‘How much can pine nuts cost’ I thought to myself. Oh boy, was I wrong. When they were scanned through and €7.98 flashed up in front of me, I was so stunned that I just handed over the money. Obviously, I regretted this hugely a few minutes later. I really think it’s time that people started voting with their feet here. I will never ever darken the door again obviously.

    1. Tom Stewart

      Yes. I don’t know why your reaction to this was to hand over the money.

      There’s no way my money would have left my pocket if I were in that situation.

      Keep your bloody pine nuts Mrs.

  3. RichieRich

    If people didn’t buy it at this price, they wouldn’t sell it at this price. Simples.

  4. Spud

    In Stillorgan, with a Tesco just a stones throw away, it’s hilarious seeing the prices they charge for the exact same goods.
    Many items are double, or more!

  5. ArtVandelay

    I suspect its a similar price in a Spar. Donnybrook Fair is a convenience store, albeit one with airs and graces.

    1. !!nullzero

      it was better back in the 90’s when it was still just a normal shop. Once it went all Celtic tiger it wasn’t worth going near anymore.

  6. Tom Stewart

    I’d actually really like to visit this shop (with zero intention of buying anything).

    Scoffing at the prices would actually amuse me for a while.

  7. Stanley Ipkiss

    The deli in donnybrook fair is actually very reasonably priced for sambos and wraps etc..i’d never buy any groceries there though

    1. Eve

      Exactly – I ordered two wraps recently, expecting the measly offering you normally get, and got two fricking submarine-sized wraps full of good ingredients. €4.25 each. Will be back for lunch, not butter though.

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