Free Tonight?



A demonstration and ‘die-in’ outside the Department of Foreign Affairs, Stephen’s Green, Dublin at 5.30pm.

Gaza Action Ireland writes:

“This demonstration is a chance to stand with Palestine and demand a meaningful response from the Government. Members of the Palestinian community in Ireland will share their grief, anger and determination in the face of Israeli’s assault. The action will include a ‘die-in’: bring a white T-shirt or sheet, pre-splattered or ready to be splattered with red. Signs bearing the names and ages of the dead will be supplied. Beginning at the Dept of Foreign Affairs on Stephen’s Green South, it will move to the top of Grafton Street. Supported by the IPSC, Sadaka and the Palestinian Community in Ireland.”

Gaza Action ireland Demonstration (Facebook)

49 thoughts on “Free Tonight?

  1. 15 cents

    only on broadsheet would ya get commenters being negative about this protest. this country is full of horrible cynics.

  2. shitferbrains

    Gaza is taking a pounding because Iron Dome has difficulty coping with salvos of rockets as opposed to one or two being launched at a time. So the IDF has to keep Hamas from being able to organise multiple launches. I do wish people would organise for a ceasefire and talks rather than this emotive T-shirt stuff.

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