55 thoughts on ““None Of The Boring Bits”

  1. madouveh on the dole

    Fup the fup off Jenny, there’s another thing for you to outraged by, you twit. Heh.

    1. Ronan

      Pretty ignorant comment in fairness. Is Jenny not just asking ‘offensive’ OR ‘muppet’? Don’t think she’s expressing outrage or offence at all. Just starting a debate – pretty successfully too even if most of the comments below are critical of Jenny (lovely opportunity for some bonus lady-hatin’ too. Real subtle like)

  2. Cuckoo

    Who are we angry at here Jenny? The comedian doing a comedy show or the person who thought it was funny?

      1. Gav D

        You’re in the wrong sir. Emily, Belle, Annie and Clarabelle are all strong female role models as are the dowager Hat and visiting opera chanteuse Alicia Botty.

        Granted Mavis occasionally makes poor decisions, but ultimately shes a very useful engine.

        You know nothing of the Island of Sodor.

  3. Rep

    Could Jenny tell me what I am to be offended at here? Is in the charity gig or the name of the charity gig? Or the description somebody gave to it? I am confused. Does she mean that feminism is not allowed have any humour at all?

    1. Medium Sized C

      Simple, someone spotted an ad for a comedy show, got butthurt about the content without even seeing the show to know the content and went to Broadsheet in search of outrage.

      Maybe, she has a problem with the “boring preachy parts” part.
      If so then she needs to examine the current state of feminism and in particular the difficulty it is having, as a movement, connecting with young women.

      1. Violet

        Feminism has made greater inroads into human society in fifty years than any social movement in history. It has no problem connecting with young women, or young men either. Only the crapulent cocktards who slime up places like this have a problem with it.

          1. Jay

            @Clampers Yeah, I understood the sentence to mean that feminism in 50 years has made more inroads than any other movement did over any period of history though. Could be interpreted either way I guess. Of course over a given 50 year period slavery went from existing in lots of places to not existing in nearly as many, which would be lots of progress.

  4. Jess

    As a card carrying beardy, pinko, lefty, feminist I am confused about what is offensive here

  5. Ruaile Buaile

    Could someone explain what is wrong here? the sun must have fried my outrage circuit and I need to have a knee jerk reaction to get me through the afternoon

    1. Mark Dennehy

      “feminism without all the boring preachy bits”.
      Like, you know, equal pay for equal work, being treated as equal citizens in a republic, that sort of thing.

  6. ivan

    Out of curiosity, I went to Margo Carr’s page on Facebook, and that particular post is there for all to see. But it’s on HER page, and it’s a personal page. I’m not aware of any position Margo Carr holds that means she should be held to a higher standard than anybody else.

    Now, if Jenny is a friend of Margo, she should probably have a word with her (if she finds it offensive) rather than taking it to Broadsheet.

    If Jenny isn’t a friend of Margo, then she needs to get out more; I mean she says she ‘saw’ it on Facebook, but it occurs to me that (again, if they’re not friends) that she found it. Came across it. Stumbled upon it.

    If I go and type a random name into Facebook and find that the person I’ve picked, and who i don’t know, and who isn’t a has written something homophobic or racist, will you publicize that?

    1. Kieran NYC

      Might have popped up on Margo or The Workman’s Facebook page since they were tagged in the post.

  7. alex lyons

    lineup is 75% female, maybe the oppression of men is what Jenny is complaining about, or maybe Jenny knows Jenny is the boring bits of feminism

  8. Dough Berman

    “[Ideology] without the boring or preachy parts…”

    It’s official: Nothing to see here.

  9. Tommy

    Maybe Jenny wanted to start a debate whereby men defend feminism. You all got Inception-ed.

  10. Eamonn Clancy

    Loaded question. Neither answer fits Jenny. Me thinks you need to get out more. A hell of a lot more.

    1. Anne

      Me thinks you need to take a leaf out of Bertie’s book and lock yourself in a cupboard, and stay there.. Until your apologise to Jenny.

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