21 thoughts on “Sunshine On Leap

    1. John Boy

      I’m glad to see they’re letting Harbo enjoy the sunshine… hopefully he is wearing a hat.

  1. tarfhead

    High water was at 10am. The longer they keep doing it, the less water there’ll be, the better the chance of Darwin’s Law kicking in.

    1. Am i still On this Island

      Amazing how these kids know the depths of the river and canal better than the condescending internet warriors

  2. bawbag

    They’re not allowed to jump into water because they were born into a lower social class than us. Simple.

  3. Ms Piggy

    God, that looks fun. Good luck to them, and may they never, ever, care what the middle-aged middle-classes have to say :-)

  4. YourNan

    that looks quite sad, not to have any infrastructure whatsoever for kids to enjoy the good weather, being forced to jump off buildings to swim in a dirty latrine of a river. not to mention all the condescending souls here say ha it’s grand they are having a bit of fun. lack of vision.

    1. Padi

      What? I grew up in a very middle class area and we had zero infrastructure, there was a small field we spent pretty much every hour of the day in every summer.

  5. Advertising On Police Cars

    Yes lets build nice public baths/swimming opols that can then be vandalised.

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