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An award-winning 2012 short film by Jason Gwynn and Jay Sheldon (shot on a ‘micro budget’) chronicling the final days on the job of two cinema projectionists – made redundant by the virtual demise of 35mm in the digital age.

Virtual, mind you, not actual.


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5 thoughts on “Going Dark

  1. Turd Ferguson

    It may have been made on a “micro budget” but Jesus Christ they could have at least sprung for some powder for those poor guys. All I can see is their shiny skin!

  2. Anne

    Surely even if a cinema is gone digital, an operator would be required?
    Are they being made redundant due to the demise of 35mm in the digital age, or the fact that people aren’t going to the cinema as much?

    IFI Paul, do you read BS? What the hell do you do? :)

    1. ivan

      Not in the same way. Mark Kermode’s book The Good The Bad and The Multiplex explains it all very well. Apparently being a projectionist is pretty skilled; of course I thought it’s just a case of lobbing a spool onto a doobiewotsit and pressing play.

      There’s a bit more to it than that.

      1. Anne

        Well, you’d hardly expect to get paid for lobbing a spool onto a doobiewotsit :)
        Definitely looks like a lot of skill involved.

        Hollywood sucks.

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